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Morning Update: Bi-what?

You see, my friends, when the rubber meets the road, Democrats hate bipartisanship -- when they can’t stomp Republicans with it.

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Old Folks Home Gets Christmas Tree Back... Apartment Manager Threatens to Raise Rent on Democrats...Baby Boomer Thanks Young Obama Voters... CNN: Could be Last Jobs Report Before Country Goes Over Fiscal Cliff... Photo ID Required to Join Adopt-a-Letter to Santa Program...

Obama Runs Rings Around the Republicans on Tax "Cuts" and "Loopholes"

RUSH: The low-information voters are being told that there's a tax cut that's on the table waiting, it's the Republicans that are standing in the way.  None of it's true.  The Republicans have been lassoed by a series of lies, mischaracterizations, misstatements, and, God bless, they're trying to hold out for the right thing.  They just don't know how to explain it. 

Caller: Why Should I Still Care?

RUSH: You will be reengaged at some point because you care too much to just let it all go.  You care too much to move to New Zealand. You care too much about what the future holds for your kids and your grandkids.  You're just too big a patriot.  You're not gonna chuck it. 

Remember Pearl Harbor, Anyone?

RUSH:  Pearl Harbor awakened a great country and allowed this country to show what it's made of, again, in liberating millions of people, millions of oppressed people from tyranny. And now you see people in this country unwittingly, you hope, voting for a modified tyranny, voting for an ever-expanding Washington, DC, with ever-expanding power over the individual.  


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