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"When was the last federal budget that we had? We haven't had a budget in four years. There is no mechanism to control spending. All there is is the debt limit every time it comes up, and these continuing resolutions."

"We are up against pure, 100% undiluted statists here. And there is nothing we believe in that they share in common with us. And vice-versa."

"The Democrats do not think they lose going over the cliff. They think they win. The Democrats think they win no matter what."

"No matter how much we spend on unemployment, it's still never enough. We still need to extend them."

"I'm feeling a little stupid today, but I'm hoping I can overcome it later."

"Since the Obama administration is about Santa Claus -- since the Obama administration is about buying loyalty and votes, since the Obama administration is about providing for people so that they don't have to work -- why does anybody think that's gonna stop after Obama wins (and, to boot, four days after Christmas)? So in light of that, why does anybody on our side think their taxes aren't going up?"

"I am more and more convinced that the Obama voters knew what they were doing just as the voters in California, Proposition 30, knew what they were doing. Look, as long as the gravy train keeps rolling, and we've talked about this I don't know how many times, the unemployed have their unemployment extension."

"The Democrats don't want any changes. The Democrats want more spending to sustain the entitlements because that enables the gravy train to keep rolling. As long as the programs that provide for Obama's-low-information, high-benefits voters, as long as those things continue to provide their benefits, what do they care about the deficit?"

"In some ways, you know, a superpower, in order to have that title, you have to be willing to project your power. You have to be willing to use it. I don't think we do. I'm not sure the United States is a superpower even now. Definitionally, yes. But we're not led by somebody who believes in the concept anyway."

"An Obama voter is going to be perpetually angry, an Obama voter, a Democrat Party voter, is going to be perpetually ticked off, miserable, angry, at the unfairness of things. Because there's nobody alive that can change unfairness or fairness or make things fair, equal, equitable, it's not possible."

"How does giving President Obama his rate increase on the top 2% and eliminating loopholes and deductions all of a sudden shift the discussion to entitlements? I don't understand how or even why that would happen.


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