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"The left wants to go back to the Clinton tax rate because they think there was prosperity. You want real prosperity? Let's go back to the Reagan years. That's the greatest expansion of the American economy in American history. It's that simple. And it's that difficult as well. "

"Let's submit the Clinton spending levels and the Clinton levels of taxation. The Republicans could submit a budget identical to one from the Clinton years."

"Obama is inheriting a bigger mess next month than he inherited in 2008."

"The political class, including the media, is lying to the American people. The media are complicit with the lie and they know it. What's going on here is simply the advancement of the leftist agenda. That's all that's happening here."

"What Obama is all about is making sure that the people who have unjustly profited from this unjust, unfair capitalist system for 200-plus years, now pay America back. This embodies what Obama is all about."

"The practical result of entitlement-spending reform is fewer benefits paid out. The reason is, we can't afford to pay them as it is! But there isn't yet the courage or the guts to say to the American people at large what I have just said."

"There's no amount of tax increases that will reverse the trajectory that we're on. There's no amount of punishing achievement. There's no amount of paying America back that will fix the mess that we're in."

"The rich keep getting richer because cronies allow the rich to keep their money and take everything from the poor. That's how the rich get rich. Don't doubt me on this, folks. I've been doing this for 25 years. There are certain realities we have come to accept."

"The creation of an entitlement is a benefit. Cutting spending is a denial of a benefit. You don't have a prayer. You're not gonna get any meaningful amount of votes by offering to cut spending."

"Look at Obama's pitch in 2008. Ninety-five percent of Americans will get tax cuts, he proudly said it, if elected. Can you believe that a guy like Obama was allowed to win the tax cut argument in an election? A neoclassic socialist wins the argument on tax cuts because our side's afraid to make the argument?"

"Obama's tax plan is a joke. The people bought it. I don't accept for a moment that conservatives have lost the argument. I don't think the argument has been made. Not by the party."

"So high taxes on the rich have nothing to do with income inequality. There is no such thing as economic equality anywhere, and the left cannot show us where it has ever happened. But their fix is making things worse, folks, and the solution to all of this is simply defeating liberals everywhere we can. That's the objective."

"This is not your average Democrat president. He's not concerned about debt reduction. He's not concerned about the deficit. He's not concerned what history says about him about that. He's into transforming this country. If 50 years from now it is written that he transformed this country into a socialist democracy, that's the legacy he wants."

"If the Republican Party is gonna try to stand for being the party of low taxes and economic growth, they better not put their names or their fingerprints on anything that raises taxes on anybody, particularly if it's gonna happen anyway. Let Obama own that."


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