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Pearls of Wisdom

"I realize I'm dating myself as an old fogy talking about freedom.  I know it's old-fashioned.  But it means a lot to me and it's gonna be a tough thing for me to let go of, I want you to know."

"Union contracts are made, union labor, the money is paid by the business, the employer. Those funds largely end up back in the Democrat Party. It's a circuitous, roundabout way for money to end up in the Democrat Party that nobody can really trace or follow and everybody accepts. It's part of the political process."

"What's at stake is the Democrat Party having its money-laundering operation blown to smithereens. It is a roadblock. Actually, it's not a roadblock. It's an actual end to the union funding of the Democrat Party. It's that funding which keeps them at the table of power, don't forget."

"So essentially a large percentage of the $787 billion from the federal Treasury was sent to the unions across this country, keeping union workers employed, keeping them paying their dues. The dues then come back to Obama and the Democrats. That's the money-laundering operation, and that's what the stimulus was about. It's that simple."

"What Obama is attempting, in the fiscal cliff deal, is to get John Boehner and therefore all Republicans to confess.  If he can get the Republicans to raise taxes on the rich, then Obama feels he is helping the Republicans destroy their brand, destroy how it is that they're known and understood."

"The Democrat Party is playing for lifetime keeps, not just winning the next two years or winning the next four years. They're playing for lifetime keeps. And, I'll tell you, folks, it's getting pretty desperate out there."

"Liberalism has been built brick by brick over many decades.  They didn't just wave a magic wand and have this country become what it is overnight.  It took 'em a long time.  We're not gonna destroy it overnight, although we can destroy it much faster than it took them to build it."

"The rates on the rich are either gonna go up because the Republicans agree to it, or we're gonna go over the cliff. Going over the cliff raises the rates. Going over the cliff means the current tax rates expire and they return to what they were in the Clinton years. For everybody, not just the rich. Made to order for Obama."

"What Obama and the Democrats want is for middle-income Americans to think that the only reason they're not rich is that the rich have taken from them. They are being made to believe that higher taxes on the rich will mean more money comes to them. That's the lie that's being peddled."

"That is the real problem as far as the unions are concerned.  It's the dues. The dues, ladies and gentlemen, are nothing more than a money-laundering operation.  That is all union dues are."

"Only 7% of Detroit public school eighth graders are proficient in reading. Only 7% of eighth graders can read, and only 4% of Detroit eighth graders are proficient in math. And many of the teachers belong to what? Unions. Right. Obama's America. You can see it. It's Detroit."

"I think we're really being ruled and governed by a minority.  I really do.  I refuse to believe, for my own sanity, I refuse to believe that a majority of Americans really want all of this destruction.  I'm gonna hold out hope and pray that I'm right about that."