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"I don't know why it just ticks me off. I think it's just liberals in the media, wherever I find 'em, I don't care if it's in the sports page. I don't care if it's in the tech pages. I don't care if it's in the blogs, it just ticks me off. A bunch of idiots."

"I'm sorry, folks. I know a lot of you people don't care about this tech stuff. I happen to love it."

"I believe in conservatism. I don't believe it's wrong. I don't believe it's to blame for anything. The problem is that we have people who don't know how to articulate it, don't know how to express it, maybe because they aren't conservatives."

"I am proud, ladies and gentlemen, to be the leader. I didn't know I was, but I'm proud to be the leader of the Never Surrender Wing."

"Obama doesn't care about economic growth. That's not what he's into. He's into government growth. It isn't going to get any better. There are no expectations, even, that it's going to get any better, folks."

"Why do you think the left gets so ticked off at me when I describe their party as Santa Claus and Obama as Santa Claus? They get ticked off because it's right."

"When Obama talks about a level playing field, he's talking about outcomes. And he is going to administer the outcomes. He is going to be in charge. Obama's gonna pick the winners and losers. And right now, the losers are people who are the winners in our society, because they have won unjustly."

"There is no real economic recovery going on. There's not one Obama policy, to date, that is oriented towards economic growth, and there's nothing he's talking about now that is oriented toward economic growth."

"I'm most profoundly interested in, and that's people being properly informed. It's all I've ever cared about here. For 25 years, I've bought into what is now the silly notion that an informed electorate makes the best decisions to preserve the country, but our electorate's not informed."

"Your average, everyday American president would want prosperity for as many Americans as possible. We're not dealing with a president like that. We're dealing with a president who thinks that we must endure years of pain in order fix the fatal flaws of the founding."

"I think Obama knows exactly what his he's a doing. I think he understands that capitalism is the best. He just doesn't like it because it doesn't take him where he wants to go, but for these guys to act like nothing they've done in these four years has contributed to this mess? That is just unbelievable."


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