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An Inside Source on Hillary's Health
RUSH: Did you see news last week, ladies and gentlemen, that Hillary Clinton was ill? Did you see that? It's one of the reasons she hasn't been able to testify. She was rushed to see her doctor. She was deeply worried, and according a source I read close to the situation, Hillary got in to see the doctor and said, "Doctor, take a look at me. I woke up this morning, I looked in the mirror, and I saw my hair all frazzled, my skin was blotchy and pasty, and my eyes were bloodshot and bugging out. I just look worn out. What's wrong with me?"

And my sources say that the doctor looked at her and said, "Well, the good news is there's nothing wrong with your eyesight."

I found myself in an elevator with Mrs. Clinton once. It was at a wedding in Brooklyn. The doors locked and she hit the stop button. She said, "Oh, Rush, I've wanted to see you for so long, and nobody would believe it. Would you make a real woman out of me?"

I said sure. "Let's take off our clothes." So I took mine off, pointed and I said, "Now fold 'em."

ESPN Hosts Mock First Transgender College Basketball Player
RUSH: From the AP, Santa Clara, California: "The women’s basketball team at Mission College expected the bleachers to be full and the hecklers ready when its newest player made her home court debut. In the days leading up to the game, people had plenty to say about 6-foot-6-inch, 220-pound Gabrielle Ludwig, who joined the Lady Saints as a mid-season walk-on and became, according to advocates, the first transsexual to play college hoops as both a man and a woman. Coach Corey Cafferata worried the outside noise was getting to his players, particularly the 50-year-old Ludwig."

Fifty years old playing college basketball.  She's transgender.  She has played both as a guy and as a gal.  "A pair of ESPN radio hosts had laughed at her looks, referring to her as 'it.' And online threats and anonymous calls prompted the two-year college to assign the Navy veteran of Operation Desert Storm a safer parking space next to the gym and two police guards.  Last week, Ludwig gathered her 10 teammates at practice and offered to quit. This was their time to shine, she told the group of 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds." Again, she's 50, playing college basketball. 

"She didn't want to be a distraction for the team."  Oh, come on, what do you mean, didn't want to be a distraction?  Okay.  A 50-year-old transgender player didn't want to be a distraction for the team.  "The other women said if Ludwig, whom they nicknamed 'Big Sexy' and 'Princess,' didn’t play, they wouldn’t either.  Didn’t she know she was the glue holding the team together?" A 50-year-old transgender, formerly male, now female, basketball player was the glue holding together the 18-, 19-, 20-year-olds on the team.  And ESPN Radio hosts were calling her "it." 

I'll tell you, folks, this disrespect for people and their differences is all over ESPN.  I had not heard about this story.  Snerdley had run across the transgender story.  I don't know which came first.  I don't know if there was an addadictomy.  I don't know which came first, Mr. Snerdley. The story doesn't say.  So, anyway, you might want to get her together with Hank Johnson, congressman from Georgia, who got himself in trouble talking about midgets on the floor of the House.  There might be some common ground there. 

Study: Riding Bike No Healthier Than Golf
RUSH: I love this next story 'cause I know how it's gonna irritate people. It's from the Wall Street Journal, which means it's irrefutable.  It's true.  "A new study suggests that a round of golf can confer longevity benefits just as robust as a 100-mile bike ride." That's exactly right.  "Any talk of golf as exercise could make cyclists choke on their energy bars," or their steroids.  "But a new study suggests that a round of golf can confer longevity benefits just as robust as a 100-mile bike ride. 

"The study in the Christmas edition of BMJ -- the peer-reviewed publication formerly known as the British Medical Journal -- is based on the mortality records of 9,889 athletes who competed in the Olympic Games between 1896 and 1936. 'Engaging in cycling and rowing (high cardiovascular intensity) had no added survival benefit compared with playing golf or cricket (low cardiovascular intensity).'  The study adds to a small but growing body of research suggesting that years-long doses of extreme exercise -- measured by amount or intensity -- may be unproductive, if not counterproductive."

It's the same old tune.  Everything we thought we knew is wrong.  Everything that we thought we knew we ended up being lied to.  A round of golf is just as contributory to a long life as a 100-mile bike ride.  Ha-ha-ha-ha.  When I tell this story, I can just see people in the audience gnashing their teeth upset. 

Obamacare Leaves Fewer Health Care Options For Illegal Immigrants
RUSH: Oh, folks, this is a horrible story.  AP, brace yourselves.  "Obamacare Means Fewer Health Care Options for Illegal Immigrants."  What kind of country are we becoming?  What kind of people are we?  Who are we?  How can this be?  "For years, Sonia Limas would drag her daughters to the emergency room whenever they fell sick. As an illegal immigrant, she had no health insurance, and the only place she knew to seek treatment was the hospital -- the most expensive setting for those covering the cost.  The family’s options improved somewhat a decade ago with the expansion of community health clinics, which offered free or low-cost care with help from the federal government. But President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul threatens to roll back some of those services if clinics and hospitals are overwhelmed with newly insured patients and can’t afford to care for as many poor families."

See?  You see what's happening here, folks?  Another sign of something we predicted that would happen under Obamacare.  In a nutshell, AP is trying to make several points here.  Obamacare doesn't cover illegal aliens, and they are soon going to be the largest group without health insurance.  And you know what that means?  We're gonna have to expand Obamacare to cover them.  The illegal immigrants will be second only to those who don't want to health insurance.  Some of the states that have the highest illegal alien populations are refusing to expand Medicaid.  So this sob story article is implicitly arguing that since taxpayers are already paying for illegal aliens to get treated in the ER anyway, we might as well give them Obamacare.  That's the point of the story. 

See, the story says right now illegals can head on over to the ER and some of these clinics to get treated, 'cause the law says you show up at the ER and you get treated, health insurance or not.  But, but Obamacare is going to insure a minimum 30 million people who don't now have it.  And what's going to happen then?  Well, theoretically, when you give 30 million people something they don't now have, they're going to start using it.  So when you give them, these 30 million, health insurance for the first time in their lives, they're the gonna start getting sick more often just so they can use the benefit.  They are gonna clog up the ER.  They're gonna clog up the clinics. 

We're gonna have 30 million people who don't show up now because they don't have insurance that are gonna start showing up. That will mean less space, less room, less availability for the poor illegals who don't have insurance 'cause they're not covered, theoretically.  Now, you and I both know that... and so when the word gets out that, look, illegals aren't covered and the Republicans and Democrats are moving fast on amnesty, can you see what's gonna happen here?  Why, we're gonna have a brand-new expansion of Obamacare that nobody even thought of, except us.  We told you.  We warned you that this was going to happen.



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