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Pearls of Wisdom

"The same people who are eager to blame Sarah Palin or conservative talk radio or Republicans in general for aberrant acts or behavior like this, are the very same people who deny that there is any inspiration or motivation that comes from movies or books or music."

"If you really want to stop events like this, you have to take stock of reality and you have to be very honest and assess where we are in American culture in 2012."

"Any effort focused solely on taking guns away from people is not going to solve this."

"We're living the collapse. We're living the implosion of our culture and our society. Politically, morally, religiously, you name it, and it all stems from the fact that no one is allowed to have values."

"People only believe what they're told, and if they're told a bunch of crap repeatedly day in and day out, that's what they're going to end up believing, particularly low-information people."

"We cannot deny that all around us the institutions and traditions which used to provide the guardrails for our culture and society have been corrupted, and those guardrails aren't there anymore. They were torn down, actually, a long time ago. They are erected temporarily in certain places."

"I think the Constitution is a human miracle. I think the Constitution and adherence to it are very important."

"I am not wedded to guns or the Second Amendment. I love them all. The Second Amendment's as important as the First is as important as the Fifth at me. I have a reverence and an awe for the Constitution."

"The guns in this culture are the secondary target here. The primary target is the Constitution itself. That is what is under assault. That is what is in the crosshairs of people who are using this tragedy to advance an agenda."

"We live in a culture where the political activists in our society think they have an answer for everything, that they can prevent and stop everything bad from happening."

"I did not come to this program today thinking I know what to do about this, and I don't want anybody to assume that I'm sitting here thinking I have the answers, 'cause I don't. I think I have some pretty good theories as to why we are where we are in our culture, but how to stop this, I'm not qualified. I don't know that it can be."

"If somebody can show me the cure for obesity then I'll start listening and paying attention. There is not a cure for obesity. 'Yes, there is, Mr. Limbaugh, it's called a diet. You go on a diet and you will stop being obese.' Yeah, and then you'll be obese when you go off the diet again. There's no cure for it. It happens. Excrement happens. To some people. And other people it doesn't."

"The biggest killer of innocent people ever devised is poverty, which can be brought about by communism/socialism. Poverty. Now, do we have people among us advocating policies which perpetuate and create even more poverty? We do, don't we? Yes, we do. Poverty is a lethal weapon, and we have policies in place to expand it right now."

"Let me tell you something. If there were money to be made in junk food rehab, they would have junk food rehab centers open. And I don't know of one."

"Well, if somebody can convince me -- and this has been my argument forever when I run into these low-information, gun control people. And, by the way, some of the smartest, richest, wealthiest idiots I know happen to be pro-gun control."