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Leave Junk Food Addicts Alone, Libs!
RUSH:  Look.  Here is an example.  This is a small, tiny example, but it's an example of something we've been discussing today.  This is a story from WLS-TV Chicago, ABC in Chicago.  Here's the headline, and Mr. Snerdley, you'll be interested in this.  "Junk Food Addicts Experience Withdrawals -- A new study says the feelings you have when quitting junk food are similar to the ones experienced in drug withdrawal. Researchers out of the University of Montreal say a high-fat diet can actually cause chemical changes in the brain.  And those changes could lead to stress and withdrawal symptoms if you switch to a healthier diet.

"The study, published in the  International Journal of Obesity, was performed on mice for a period of six weeks. The author says the chemicals monitored in the mice are similar to those found in the human brain."  Now, it seems harmless, right?  What is the take-away here?  The take-away is that junk food is bad. I mean, you have to infer it, that junk food companies are making you sick and unwell and that you shouldn't eat this stuff in the first place because you're gonna eventually have to stop eating it, and when you do, you're going to experience withdrawal. 

There's only one problem.  It's total BS.  It is 100% total BS.  Do not doubt me.  There is no comparison.  Zilch, zero.  I'm telling you, other than measured chemical reactions, which I can't address, the fact that you are going to feel, when you give up potato chips the way you feel when you're trying to get off narcotics, I can tell you it's BS.  It is 100%, it's 1,000% BS.  But still, all that aside, here is yet another government funded study, this one from Canada, University of Montreal, the purpose of which is for some reason to get people to stop eating junk food.  Who cares?  Junk food is not the problem in our society and certainly it is not a killer. 

I mean, I don't think childhood obesity and junk food and all that... I'm telling you, childhood obesity, there are other explanations for it.  But the point is, we have a bunch of people who think we can stop all this anyway.  Will somebody show me the cure for obesity?  If somebody can show me the cure then I'll start listening and paying attention. There is not a cure for obesity.  "Yes, there is, Mr. Limbaugh, it's called a diet.  You go on a diet and you will stop being obese."  Yeah, and then you'll be obese when you go off the diet again.  There's no cure for it.  It happens.  Excrement happens.  To some people.  And other people it doesn't. 

But here's another bit of evidence we gotta put government in charge, medical science studying this and come out with some crock that junk food... has it been established that junk food is an addiction?  Has that even been established?  That people can't give it up without junk food rehab?  Let me tell you something.  If there were money to be made in junk food rehab, they would have junk food rehab centers open.  And I don't know of one.  But you know what the reaction is, people hear me talk, "This is why we've gotta stop listening to Limbaugh.  Limbaugh is just poison," and it's all because I just refuse to go along with absolute BS.  Conventional wisdom, everybody join the crowd, start thinking identically the same way. 

No, I'm not defending junk food.  I'm telling you on the scheme of things, junk food matters about as much as the grain of sand on the beach.  If somebody wants to eat it, it's their business.  I don't care to run my life running around worried about who's eating potato chips and try to get them to stop, but there are people who do, and to hell with them as far as I'm concerned.  Leave me alone and everybody else.

Texas Gun Shop Owner Offers Discount to Teachers

RUSH: Well, this one's gonna tick off the media. An Austin-area gun store owner in Texas is offering teachers a discount. If they want to come in and get a concealed handgun license, he will give them a discount on the weapon. Teachers. Wait 'til the media at large hears about this guy.

CBS: Gun Show Draws Huge Crowd
RUSH: Everything we had Friday afternoon was wrong. I mean, we told you that the kid's mother taught kindergarten and she was in the classroom and he went in there to kill her.

It wasn't true.

We were told that his older brother was the shooter. We were told there was a second person involved.

There wasn't.

We were told the father was shot.

He wasn't.

I mean, none of it -- none of what we had, other than the event itself and the numbers involved -- turned out to be true within the first three hours of this. So this story out of CBS in Pennsylvania, do with it what you will. A gun show in Montgomery County drew a larger crowd than usual yesterday. Now, listen to how CBS reports this. The headline: "Connecticut School Shooting Doesn't Deter Crowd At Gun Show In Montgomery County -- A gun show in Montgomery County drew a huge crowd on Sunday, despite calls for stricter gun control after a shooting rampage ... in Newtown, Connecticut.

"If gun control advocates were hoping the scale of death ... would dampen enthusiasm for the purchase of guns, the line of people waiting to get in to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center was evidence to the contrary. 'It's more crowded than it has been in the past.'" So here's the media in Philadelphia, CBS beside itself. (summarized) "What do you mean, more people than ever showed up? After all the hard work we've done to dissuade people?" They're hoping people turn in their guns, and instead more people than usual are showing up to buy some.




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