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"What is abundantly clear now is that our government, federal and state, no longer exist for the people.  The reality now is the people exist for the government.  Whether you like it that way or not is not the point.  The point is the Rubicon has now been crossed. . We all work in service to the government at all levels. That's how government sees it. That's how the president sees it; that's how senators see it. That's how state legislators see it and governors see it."

"I don't care what you make, your taxes are going up if this guy's president.  I don't care what he says now. I don't care what he said four years ago.  Everybody's taxes are going up. They're gonna have to go up to pay for what this guy intends."

"I guarantee these low-information people, they do believe that we have a deficit and a national debt and an economy in a mess because the rich aren't paying their fair share.  Now, you may think nobody's that dumb.  I'm telling you, they believe it."

"Obama is Washington. He's more Washington than any president has ever been. This guy is government. He is Mr. Insider."

"Ronald Reagan was the last transformative president we had, a man who genuinely changed the direction the country was going. He substantively, genuinely changed it. He was not a caretaker president; he was transformative."

"TIME Magazine says that the first debate was not a debacle. It actually helped Obama win, because the low-information voters determined the outcome, and they liked seeing a guy disengaged. They like seeing a guy not interested in what's going on in Washington. That's cool, 'cause they don't like Washington, they don't like Democrats, don't like Republicans. And Obama acted like he didn't want to be there, either. That's our guy."

"If Obama's politics -- socialism, redistributionism, big government expansion, all this -- become seen by a lot of people as transformative and good, then we're gonna lose the country for a generation or two. Well, we're at risk of that anyway. But this further, I think, illustrates how the low-information voter phenomenon is something serious to be dealt with."

"Romney may not have been Reagan. Romney may not have been articulating the full-bore conservative message. But, Romney was clearly an alternative to Obama."

"We coulda won this and we coulda won this big with conservatism. We could have won this with the independents that Romney got, if we'da just pulled out our base, like Obama got his, this wouldn't even have been close."

"The low-information voters are now the new kings. The morons, the people that don't pay attention. They're being honored today because they voted for Obama. They're being celebrated. They are the reason Obama's Person of the Year. Obama's the magician, the brilliant guy who found a way to reach out to the low-information, uninformed, don't care, apathetic voters and turn 'em out."

"Look at the polling data. It's time to make the rich pay their fair share. It's clear that Obama selling the notion that what's wrong in this country is that one to 2% of the people have always had all the money."

"Republicans lose by moving to the left. They get embarrassed of who they are. They become afraid of espousing conservative principles, and they move to the left, and they water themselves down, and they lose."

"You listen to Obama and it's clear that the government is the sun and every one of us are planets orbiting around it. We work in service to the government at all levels. They have first claim on everything. All money is government's, and what we end up with is what they decide to permit us to end up with."

"Republicans and Democrats alike are now using this language, and what the language means is that our income isn't ours, our property isn't ours. We exist for the government. The government no longer exists for us. It's the other way around."

"Bottom line: I think that Obama and the Democrats want to go over the cliff. They want to punish the rich and the Republican Party. They want to wipe the Republican Party out."

"I hate to say, 'See, I Told You So,' but I think it's been the easiest thing in the world to conclude that Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff."

"Republicans are living in a dream world if they think a majority of Americans want us all to work together in a bipartisan way. So while the Republicans are out trying to make that happen, they're being erased. And Obama's got the eraser. And that's his objective."


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