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Newtown to Media: Get Lost
RUSH: The people in Newtown, Connecticut, are really ticked off at the media.  They are claiming the media is making everything worse.  I have details on that. 

Affleck Trashes Heritage Foundation on Hill
RUSH: I have a story about the actor Ben Affleck.  He was on Capitol Hill yesterday.  He was testifying before the House Armed Services Committee on the ongoing problems in the Congo.  Ben Affleck.  The committee was hearing opinions on what our country and the United Nations should do about the Congo, and they were asking Affleck.  After Affleck left, Jessica Lange, an actress who played a farm wife, is coming in to testify on it, too, 'cause there's a lot of farms in the Congo.

So Affleck is there and he's on a panel along with a guy named James Carafano.  Now, James Carafano is a brilliant man.  In fact, he's one of the most brilliant minds in national security. He works at the Heritage Foundation.  I moderated a seminar on the TV show "24" and terrorism, and Carafano was on the panel.  He's a Heritage guy.  He's testified before Congress three times in the last four more years.  He goes on Jon Stewart, too.  Now, Carafano lays out his thoughts first, and that included a recommendation the UN remove themselves from this country if things were ever gonna improve, that one of the problems in the Congo is the UN. 

So now it's Affleck's turn, and he starts with a comment to make sure everybody knows he comes from the far left.  And his quote was along the lines of, "The Heritage Foundation has never offered me membership.  It's fitting that I'm the one on the far left in this panel."  Now, maybe a membership to Heritage Foundation for Ben Affleck would be good for him, but Heritage has offered everybody a membership.  What, does he expect it free?  Is that what he means?  Come on, Affleck, 25 bucks, pony up.  No one needs to wait to be offered a membership to the Heritage Foundation.  It's open to everybody.  It's not by invitation.  There are hundreds of thousands of members of Heritage.  They all join because they get incredible value out of the membership.

I couldn't believe this.  There's literal testimony on the UN and the Congo and Affleck is up there, "The Heritage Foundation never offered me membership. I guess I'm the only leftist up here."  Carafano, by the way, is incomparable in these settings, and he's a typical Heritage guy in this way.  But Heritage is open to one and all.  It's open to Affleck. The Kardashians could join.  Jay-Z was mentioning to Beyonce that he thought they might join just for the fun of it, throw people off.  You can become a member of the Heritage Foundation. 

There's website, StandWithHeritage.com.  It's very simple.  You can give them as much as you want, you can donate, but the entry-level membership fee is a mere $25.  But you're not gonna be extended an invitation, other than me telling you that you can join. I mean, they don't call people and say, "Hey, we'd love you to be a member of Heritage."  They leave it up to you.  They figure you're a self-starter.  So, anyway, the Heritage Foundation is for everybody, and it is a godsend.  They're not compromising.  They're not caving.  They never have and they never will.  StandWithHeritage.com is the website.

NASA Calms Fears of Low-Information Callers
RUSH:  You see where NASA is being flooded with calls from low-information voters asking if the world is gonna end tomorrow, like the Mayans are predicting?  NASA is able to set 'em straight, it's all hogwash.  NASA scientists are assuring the low-information people calling them that it'll probably be another ten years before the world is destroyed by global warming and that the Mayans were just off by a little bit.  And then they said, "But we're working on Muslim outreach anyway.  All we know is that global warming's gonna destroy the world in ten the years and we're worried about the Al-Qaeda in the Congo right now with Ben Affleck," and they hang up on 'em.  You can't win. 











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