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"Every year at Christmastime is when I really get thankful, and I count my lucky stars and my blessings. Twenty-five years. You people have no idea what you have meant to me and my family and I can't ever repay you or thank you enough for it, but I do thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart."

"I don't think the Republican Party understands what they're up against. This is not just politics as usual where Democrats win one and then we win one and horse trade here and horse trade there. That's not what this is about anymore. This is about a guy trying to transform this country."

"I'm the guy who's been telling you from the get go, 'If we can't make Obama own the first four years of his term, what makes us think we can make him own a weekend or one day of going over the cliff?' I have never been under the impression we're gonna be able to blame Obama for this, and I don't have a strategy to blame Obama for this."

"We coulda won this election by a pretty big margin if the Republican Party weren't so skittish of conservatives."

"Have you ever noticed that the left never interrupts hearings about Fast and Furious, where hundreds of people died because of US policy? Have you ever noticed that Code Pink never interrupts a hearing on Benghazi by shouting, 'There's blood on your hands'? The Democrats can get away with it. They run the show here."

"What I think is going on is there are some delusional conservatives who believe that there is some policy the Republicans could adopt in the House that's gonna guarantee the American people see the truth about Obama. Sorry. If we couldn't pull that off in four years, what makes us think that we're gonna be able to pull it off in a day? The only thing we can do is stand by our principles so that we have that going down the road."

"I'm as convinced now as I ever have been that Obama's objective is to wipe out the Republican Party in a political sense."

"The war between men and women is heating up. This country's drifting apart and more divided than it's ever been in my lifetime, and all of this is the result of policies taking place in the last four years."

"It's a Democrat wet dream, folks, going over the cliff. I mean, it is stuff they've been dreaming of all their lives, like getting health care."

"'Low-information voter' means a 'high-liberal-information voter.' You know, people can only absorb so much information. Most brains have a limit."

"There's no tax increase for anybody except the rich in Boehner's plan. The White House is lying through their teeth and the media is repeating the lie that Republicans raised taxes on the middle class."

"I'm obsessed with the truth. I just have a tough time giving up the truth, giving up common sense and what's right. I don't know. I'm not gonna be able, easily, to abandon that and become something else."

"I'm not trying to be critical. I'm just trying to be honest in an appraisal. I'm not trying to be critical here. I just don't see a whole lot of energy to advance an agenda. What I see is the energy spent on defensive of things."


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