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The Mayans Missed It
RUSH:  I guess the Mayan thing wasn't right.  I mean, we're still here, and in some parts of the world it's tomorrow, so everything is cool. The Mayans missed it.  We just don't know if they missed it by a day and it could be tomorrow. They mighta missed it by a century.  At some point, we'll find out.

The Fix Was in for Kerry
RUSH: John Kerry has been named secretary of state.  It's not news.  Everybody knew this was gonna happen from the first moment of trouble with Susan Rice.  In fact, I'm not sure Susan Rice was ever intended to be nominated.  I think Susan Rice was thrown out there as somebody that was automatically rejected so that Kerry would be automatically accepted.

Then Kerry guaranteed he got it by stonewalling the Benghazi investigation and making sure that Hillary's concussion was a valid excuse not to testify. So he's rewarded with secretary of state.  He's always wanted it.  It's a done deal.  And it was gonna happen.  And there's nothing anybody coulda done to stop it.  The Swift Boat guys are not gonna have time to organize.  I mean, they can, and they can make noise about it, but he's gonna get confirmed.  McCain is good buddies with Kerry.  I mean, "the collegial aspect of the Senate" and all that.

Study: Playing Hard to Get Works
RUSH: Do you remember the TIME magazine cover from 1992 that featured the story reporting that men and women are actually born different?  Remember that?  That was a cover story.  I always made the observation that for that to have been news, worthy of the cover of TIME magazine, what must the editors have thought before that?  That men and women are born the same?  You know, even now we had a...

Didn't we do a Morning Update on this?  Isn't there some wacko trying to make sure that little boys are given these toy ovens, Easy-Bake Ovens?  Yeah.  The gender-neutral toys. We're back to this now.  Raising your boy in a pink bedroom and giving him dolls, and raising your little girl in a blue bedroom with GI Joe.  This feminist corruption that we've already lived through is rearing its head again now. 

Now we're giving little boys toy ovens.  I mean, they're real ovens, but they're gender-free ovens.  Hasbro-Bake, whatever they're called.  Easy-Bake.  Easy-Bake Ovens.  So I have here a story from Yahoo.com.  It's about a study.  A lot of money was spent on this study.  And, you know what the study has shown?  I'll just read the headline to you: "Playing Hard-to-Get Actually Works."

They have spent money to learn that playing hard-to-get works. 

"We scoffed earlier this year when we heard that 'The Rules' -- the 1995 dating guide that encouraged women to be passive and pleasing and play hard-to-get -- was making a comeback." It's a woman, by the way, Lylah M. Alphonse, who wrote the story here. "But new research shows that The Rules may be right after all: Playing hard-to-get actually works."

Lylah writes, "Published in the European Journal of Personality, the data from hundreds of people in four different experiments showed that college-age men and women who played hard-to-get ended up with a higher-quality partner.  'We all would want honesty in dating but this is never going to happen,' the study's author Peter Jonason, who teaches psychology at the University of Western Sydney in Australia, told NBC. 'We are not overtly lying, but we're always trying to marry up.'" 

Do you remember the trouble I got into when I first observed that most women do? 

I caught hell for that, and all it is is true, and it's not an insult.

At any rate, "Both sexes play the game..." They learned this in the study. "Both sexes play the game but there are a few slight differences. While women made themselves seem more interesting by not communicating and filling up their schedules, men did so by acting rude, treating others poorly, and 'saying all the right things but not calling.' In other words, women broadcast their interest and made themselves unavailable, while men appeared available and pretended not to [care]. ...

"'Women derive more benefit from playing hard-to-get because it allows them to test men out and increase the demand men place on them,' Jonason explained."  Now, this is only as old as civilization.  And it's not just men and women; it's any deal that you get into.  The more you act like you don't care, the more leverage you've got!  The more eager you are, the less leverage you've got.  This is Standard Human Behavioral Psychology 101. 

And this is another element of interaction between men and women and people that the feminazis tried to erase by saying, "We're all the same and we're no different -- and instead of playing all these games, we ought to just be straightforward and honest."  That's always been the dream, it's always been the desire, but it's not human nature.  Some people don't know how to play hard-to-get and life runs roughshod over 'em. 

You can see it.

It says here, "'Because women have greater value in the biological mating market, they can afford to play hard-to-get more than men can,' Jonason said. 'Men who are too hard-to-get may miss out on a mating opportunity.'"  (Gasp!)  No! No kidding.  "Yes, that's code for sex," they say here, the mating market. "[I]f a casual hookup is all that you're looking for, the new research shows that playing hard-to-get lowers your chances of success if you're female..."

No kidding!

If all you want is a hookup for a couple hours, what are you wasting time playing hard to get for? Just do it, if that's all you're interested in.  Anyway this kind of stuff, folks, to me... For 25 years we have been reporting this stuff and we've been laughing at it and joking, and I've been missing the point all these years.  The point is, I guess, that there are people who are as far away from normal human behavior as anything. They don't like it. They've been engaged in trying to change it.

But they're not that small a number of people. 

That men and women are actually born different was such a revelation, it made the cover of a news magazine!  We laughed at it; made fun of it.  But there were real people who really thought the opposite before they put that on the cover.  And they've been raising kids, and they're teachers, and they have been influencing people, and it has had impact.  We thought these people were just on the margins and kind of odd, weirdo leftists, and it turns out they're much more than that. 

It's just much more to have to deal with. 





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