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Christmas Eve with Douglas Urbanski

“Christmas is a time of year when I want you to think about the people you know who may be lonely. Your Christmas present to those people is to call them up, drop them a note, go visit them -- and don’t just do it at Christmastime. Find a person who’s lonely -- or two or three -- and kind of adopt them. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a gift. Buy an apple at the grocery store and attach a note to it. Bring them a slice of meatloaf. That’s the nicest Christmas gift you can give. Loneliness is a terrible, terrible, terrible thing. So go visit the lonely and go talk to the lonely. That’s my whole Christmas admonition, my whole Christmas recommendation to you.” –Doug Urbanski

See, Doug Told You So! Romney Ran a Campaign to Govern, Not a Campaign to Win

“It is not being reported in the media at all that the president has a proposal before us, as we sit here, to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. The president’s proposal IS the fiscal cliff. Do you hear anybody on our side referring to it that way?” -Doug Urbanski

"If you are in any way, shape manner or form 'reluctant' to run for president, don't do it! Don't run for the office! The republic hangs on it. It's just like getting married to someone. If you have any shadow of a doubt as you walk down that aisle, don't do it!" –Doug Urbanski

The Fiscal Cliff is Like the Y2K Scare

“The fiscal cliff exists because the president and Congress didn’t have the guts to make the necessary cuts the first time around.” –Doug Urbanski

"These words like 'fiscal cliff' are chosen by the left, and then our side falls into using the language of the left. The words are meant to make you feel hypnotized. They're meant to make you feel dumbed down." -Doug Urbanski

“The words ‘fiscal cliff’ are a little like Y2K. That came and it went, and you woke up the next day and you didn’t feel much different. We’ll go over it or we may not go over it, or they’ll kick the can down the road. But you’ll wake up the next morning and say, ‘Well, I don’t feel too much different. I guess it wasn’t too bad. We went over the cliff and didn’t even break our ankle!” –Doug Urbanski

Government Does Not Have First Claim on Our Earnings

“The left has this idea on taxes that it can keep drawing blood from a patient that is anemic.” –Doug Urbanski

We Must Protect Ourselves From Low-Information Voters

“Raising interest rates is not a bad thing. It would be good for the economy because it would force Ben Bernanke to stop monetizing the debt and it would force Washington to cut spending. That’s part of the problem, is low interest rates.” –Doug Urbanski

“When the caller named Perry phoned the show today, he was sounding like a low-information voter. The thing I love about a call like that is he’s honest. I asked him if he was a low-information voter, and he said, ‘Oh, yeah!’ Well, I didn’t really need to ask the question.” –Doug Urbanski

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“If Dukakis goes to the US Senate when John Kerry leaves the seat to become secretary of state, will Dukakis wear his helmet?” –Doug Urbanski


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