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Mark Belling Guest Hosts Live from NYC!

"What liberals like to do, their tactic -- which they're doing more so than ever, and they're emboldened because of the last election -- is take an issue they cannot win and mock and ridicule it. They cannot knock down certain things that we conservatives believe in, because the slightest amount of explanation or thinking leads people around to our point of view." -Mark Belling

Who's Politicizing the Newtown Massacre?

"I don't think passing gun laws in response to what happened in Connecticut will do any good at all." -Mark Belling

"I think what's happening in the aftermath of Newtown is people are taking advantage of this terrible tragedy to do what they've always wanted to do -- ban a bunch of guns -- rather than actually engage on the question of what we can do to deal with the fact that there does seem to be an increase in society of people who decide that they want to go out and commit mass murder." -Mark Belling

"You know what really fries me? All these celebrities make fun of the NRA, yet just about all of them have personal protection that would make most NRA members look shy! Do you think they might have some armed guards down there at The Daily Show? All those people down there are protected. They have people who provide security for them because they feel as though they need it, yet they ridicule the notion that somebody else might be able to have the same opportunity." -Mark Belling

Yes, We're Going Over the Fiscal Cliff

"The fiscal cliff subject is getting unbelievably boring, because the whole take is, 'Will we go over the cliff or not?' and 'If we do, will it be because the Republicans refused to raise taxes on the rich?' That's the narrative, and it has gotten to be monotonous." -Mark Belling

"We have a president whose highest priority isn't the state of the American economy. It's achieving the political goal of redistributing income and achieving the political goal of stomping the Republicans. That's more important to Barack Obama than what's in the best interest of the country that he has been reelected to lead." -Mark Belling

South Carolina's New Senator is a Black Republican; Hawaii's is Yet Another White Democrat

"The Republicans from South Carolina put a black guy in the United States Senate, and the Democrats from Hawaii put a white guy in the United States Senate. You tell me which guy is truly open to advancement to all, and which one is still governed by the Old Boys Network." -Mark Belling

"Hawaii has a multicultural population. It gave us Barack Obama! It has every ethnicity imaginable, and a Democrat governor. The other state has a Republican governor and it's from the Old South, right-wing South Carolina! The governor of Hawaii just named a white guy, Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz, to a vacancy in the United States Senate. Yet the governor of South Carolina named Congressman Tim Scott, who is black, to fill a Senate seat there." -Mark Belling

Out Best Wishes to Former President George W. Bush and the Bush Family...

"George H.W. Bush loves America. He's served America as long as he's been alive. He's a good and descent man, the leader of a tremendous American family, and I think we should all wish he and his family well as he battles through what is obviously a really serious health issue." -Mark Belling


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