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Douglas Urbanski Guest Hosts

"Piers Morgan is all upset about this petition to ask him to leave the country. He says, 'If you don't change your laws, I may deport myself.' Oh, Piers. You're such a tease!" -Doug Urbanski

Fiscal Cliff Deal: Tax Hikes for All!

"It's a very strange old world when Joe Biden is the adult in the room." -Doug Urbanski

"Just let it sink in: Obama raises the salaries of these politicians in Congress -- people who, if they were in the private sector, would be fired -- and raises the pay of government workers. He does all this whilst at the same time fighting with stubborn intransigence to take money away from American citizens. These are the people who worry about Big Oil and Big Corporations? Talk about greed! What is more greedy and more worrisome than Big Government?" –Doug Urbanski

"I don't know what it says about me on Wikipedia. I will check. There's a simple rule of thumb, though: Anything you find online about me that's good is accurate, and anything you find online about me that's negative is inaccurate. We'll just go by that." -Doug Urbanski

"In hard times like this, no president should be allowed to spend taxpayer money on such extravagant vacations. If we're going to have taxpayer money spent on presidential vacations at all, shouldn't there be a budget set? Shouldn't there be some sort of arrangement whereby you have to stay within that budget? Of course, 'budget' is not a word that side likes. Maybe I just don't understand the brave new world. Maybe I don't appreciate that Obama isn't just a typical American president." –Doug Urbanski

Obama Flies Free and Gives Government Raises, All While Taking More From Us

"It's hard to be a high-information voter even if your first language is English, because all of this stuff is deliberately confusing. Nobody can follow it!" –Doug Urbanski

"The cost of Obama's decision to return to Hawaii from DC comes to over $3 million, and that does not include the price tag for the massive security operation, or the cargo plane that follows Air Force One around. It's utterly, utterly, utterly amazing. This is Obama unfiltered, Obama doing what he wants to do, knowing the press won't write about it." -Doug Urbanski

Even Cuba Gives Up on Obama-Style Collectivism!

"Collectivism is a philosophy designed to stifle ingenuity, to stifle creativity. You gotta be free! You gotta be permitted by your government to engage in free market, free enterprise capitalism." -Doug Urbanski

"I want to talk to you about a country -- a real country -- that is busy slashing the state government payrolls. It's a country that's a success story happening in our very midst. It's a country that is spurring private sector growth, whose private sector picked up enormous steam in 2012; a country where the number of private, non-state workers rose 23% last year alone. It's a country where the state-sector employment dropped by almost 6%, and a country where the unemployment rate is only 3.8% -- including people who did not seek work. I am talking, ladies and gentlemen, about Cuba under the leadership of Raul Castro." -Doug Urbanski

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"When the government bails you out, you are bailed out by the red state. Look at my state of California. Who would hold that blue state up as an example of how things are done?" -Doug Urbanski


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