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Kanye West Pulled Over
RUSH: By the way, Kanye West was pulled over by the cops in California. "West Hollywood police stopped the rapper and dad-to-be late Wednesday night outside the posh Chateau Marmont for allegedly speeding and having tinted windows. West was apparently behind the wheel of baby mama Kim Kardashian's Mercedes Benz G63 SUV," one of those Safari things, the G63, I think. (interruption)

Well, the G550 but Kim Kardashian has got the souped-up version. She's got the AMG, the G63. But you're right, the G550 is the standard, what ordinary people would buy. But the stars go out and buy the souped-up stuff, and Kanye was driving one and he got picked up for speeding. Driving his baby mama's car. She bought it some months ago. "Officers ultimately decided to let him off with a warning and he drove off." It helps to be Kim Kardashian's baby's dad in those situations.

Kris Jenner Correction
RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I need to offer a correction. It's not my fault. My source was incorrect earlier. The UK Daily Mail got the story wrong. It was not Kris Jenner, the mother of Kim Kardashian, who responded in defense of Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian was called a "slut" by some people on Twitter because she's pregnant out of wedlock with Kanye West, and the Daily Mail reported that Kim Kardashian's mother lashed out by saying, "Kim Kardashian is 32 & she's pregnant, but y'all hoes be 16 with 4 kids and no baby daddy.. & y'all calling her a slut? PLEASE, have a seat." (sic)

It was not Kris Jenner who said that. According to a website called Gossip Cop, the post was from a fan, just a fan of Kim Kardashian. So the Post defending Kim Kardashian -- which, again, said, "Kim Kardashian is 32 & she's pregnant, but y'all hoes be 16 with 4 kids and no baby daddy.. & y'all calling her a slut? PLEASE, have a seat." It was not her mom that posted that. And we wanted to make sure to correct this before the program ended and we went into the weekend.

It was posted simply by a fan.

Congress Counts Electoral Votes
RUSH: Even as we speak, my friends, a joint session of Congress is convening, as we speak, to count the Electoral College votes.  So there's still hope, folks.

NY Times: America Breathes Sigh of Relief Over Tax Increases
RUSH: The New York Times. (chuckling) This is amazing. This is absolutely amazing. The New York Times has a story and the headline really says it all: "A Gigantic Sigh of Relief as Tax Uncertainty Ends." Oh, yes! Yes, my friends, all across America there are smiles of delight, sighs of relief, and exhales. Everybody can relax. Taxes are going up on everybody else, but not you, and there's no more uncertainty. There's no more reason to worry. No more reason to fret.

You see?

Raising taxes on everybody worked! (I'm sorry, but that did happen. It's just that you don't know it yet.) Raising taxes on everybody normally would be horrible political news, rotten political news. It would be bad for the party that did it. But, no, for the New York Times it's a marvelous achievement for the Democrats and Obama because they've taken "uncertainty" off the table. People can now relax. It's done and it's fixed. We've balanced the budget, we've closest the deficit, and everybody's taxes are going up but yours!


It's a beautiful day!

Kansas Sperm Donor Sued for Child Support
RUSH: A story out of Kansas.  Some schlub who no doubt thought that he was doing a godly, good thing, sperm donor, for a pair of lesbians who wanted a child. But because they're lesbians, it wasn't physically possible.  So the sperm donor comes along and one of the lesbians gets pregnant, and guess what?  They're out of money and he is being sued for child support.  The sperm donor is being sued for child support, in Kansas.  In San Francisco we could understand.  New York, Boston, understand.  Kansas.  And he's probably going to lose.  Sperm donor, child support.  So a sperm cell obviously is a child.  Imagine that.


RUSH:  A minor correction, very, very, very minor correction.  It's the State of Kansas that is suing the sperm donor for child support, but the State of Kansas is not the mother.  It's so convoluted, what the heck.

More Zero Dark Thirty Complaints
RUSH: Lawmakers are demanding the truth from the CIA after the movie Zero Dark Thirty suggested that torture was used to find Osama Bin Laden. Have you seen that movie, Zero Dark Thirty? It's about the quest to find Osama Bin Laden. And apparently the government shared some data with the movie makers, and the movie has waterboarding in it. The conclusion is that waterboarding and torture were used to find bin Laden, and lawmakers are mad about that.

The CIA shouldn't have told them that's what happened!

America doesn't torture anymore now that Obama's president, don't you know?

Democrat lawmaker Dianne Feinstein, she's all upset about this.

Another Apology to Matt Damon
RUSH: Matt Damon, what a guy! I have to tell you, yesterday I called Matt Damon an "idiot" and that's the old me. I apologized the moment I said it and I apologize again today. We have a story again from the UK Daily Mail. It's a story about how... He's got this new movie out that attempts to destroy whole business of fracking. Just like The China Syndrome destroyed the nuclear power industry for decades, Matt Damon has a movie out about fracking and how dangerous it is.

The critics say that it's chock-full of lies and it's not true and it's got a political agenda and so forth. But at any rate, Matt Damon was the director, starting out. And you know what he did? He gave up the director role in order to have more time with his four kids. What a guy! Matt Damon is making a statement on the values of fatherhood. What a guy. And we just wanted to applaud him here for this.

He said (paraphrased), "Directing that film, that's too much time. Starring in it is enough. I gave up the directorship because..." And then he hugged his daughter! He hugged his daughter tight as he revealed he gave up the director role to be with his four kids. What a guy! What a guy! Now, there's some critics saying that he gave up the director role because he wasn't any good at it, but that's just mean people saying things about a great, nice guy. Matt Damon.

Watch Out for the Seahawks
RUSH: RUSH: You know what? I meant to pick the football games this week. Aw, darn it! I'm outta time. Andy Reid looks like the new coach of the Chiefs. And I meant to pick... Ah. I do think the Seahawks are the team nobody wants to play right now, and they play the Redskins on Sunday night.






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