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The Left Never Sleeps: Greedy Corporate World Hurts Girls... Downton Abbey Surprises... On the Dole and Watching the Pole... Al-Jazeera Bought Algore... Low-Information Teaser Story...

Today's NFL Can't Abide Warriors Like RGIII

RUSH: Folks, we obviously need some safeguards, a congressional committee hearing or something.  Did you see what they did to Robert Griffin III yesterday?  They let him play.  The guy can barely walk.  He's on a knee that's practically bandaged up all the way to his thigh, he can't walk, and they kept him in the game.  This is inhuman.  I can't believe what's happening in the National Football League.  They better get rid of this warrior culture.

Don't Pooh-Pooh the Left's Push to Normalize Pedophilia

RUSH: I'm not engaging in shock value.  I'm not trying to shock you.  I'm just telling you what's out there... When you first heard about gay marriage, you pooh-poohed it. When you first heard me say that the Sierra Club was gonna try to come after and ban your SUV, what was your reaction?  "Aw, come on, Rush! There you go again: Overreacting, exaggerating."

EIB Flashback: Keep Our Own Kids Safe

RUSH: Folks, I must tell you: Talk about being on the cutting edge. Way back in the nineties I first became aware of the concussion problem in soccer, and I put together a group called Keep Our Own Kids Safe. It was an attempt to educate people about the dangers of soccer. This is 10/15 years ago.

Ted Cruz is Terrific

RUSH: I've got four sound bites from Ted Cruz that I want you to hear.  He knocks it out of the park. He was on Fox News Sunday, and he just knocks it out of the park here on anything that's asked of him.  He is fearless.  He doesn't make excuses. He's not defensive in any way at all.  It's a pleasure to hear. 


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