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Morning Update: Wacko-Tax

Oregon residents driving high-efficiency vehicles are in for a shock. State lawmakers are plotting how best to impose new taxes on these social do-gooders many of whom bought into the global warming hoax, and wanted to “make a difference” by swapping their gas-guzzlers for hybrids.

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Al Jazeera Buys Algore's Hoax Machine

RUSH: He's done a hell of a job promoting this hoax that he believes in.  He's done one hell of a job making it accepted.  He's done one hell of a job convincing entire governments and populations that his hoax is real.  If he's that effective for the environmentalist wackos at spreading countless numbers of lies, you gotta think that Al Jazeera has gotta be asking themselves, "What could this guy do for us?" 

Slavery is Alive and Well in Liberal Minds

RUSH: There are African-Americans today who know that slavery isn't going on but they're still so ticked off that it did that it may as well still be happening.  Now, this is done on purpose.  The civil rights leaders keep this emotion ginned up.  They profit from it, and they are able to advance their political agenda as a result of it. 


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