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Pearls of Wisdom

"The mainstream media is not in the news business; they're part of the Democrat Party. But they're so good at it that as far as the low-information voter is concerned, they're still in news. They're objective, fair."

"Al Jazeera is not Islamist terrorist, but they are openly Islamist. They're not who they're not. They're not an island in the world of Islam that's not Islamist."

"Gun owners are being encouraged to turn it out 'out en masse at gun stores, ranges and shows from coast to coast.' They want to be as public as they can in their support of guns on the Saturday prior to Obama's inauguration."

"Just as people like Samuel L. Jackson or Jamie Foxx or Reverend Sharpton are able to persuade blacks that there is still slavery, so there are people in the lower middle class who think they once had a lot of money and lost it. One day when they weren't looking the rich came along and took it, and that's how the rich got rich."

"All Musburger did was what a lot of people consider pretty normal and natural. You see a pretty woman and you go, 'Ooh, wow, look at that babe.' Which is something that happens multiple times a day. But you don't see a D-list celebrity do a Lewinsky on a CNN anchor every day. All these various cultural reactions fascinate me."

"Why would Algore want to have anything to do with Big Oil? He hates 'em. They're the reason that we are threatened. They are the reason that we're endangered. They're the ones that have been lying to us. They've been the polluters! I think the reason they bought him is because he's obviously good at spreading propaganda."

"Al Jazeera doesn't have much to say about Western Civilization that's good. And yet they partner with Algore, who supposedly hates oil. So he gets even richer, gives them a propaganda arm, and remains involved perhaps as a consultant."

"Whatever you think of Algore, objectively we have to say the guy is pretty good at what he does. He has perpetrated a hoax. He's gotten rich off of it. He has persuaded millions of people that it's true."

"'The lowest-information people' is not to say the stupidest. The lowest-information people are the least engaged, those who don't pay much attention. But when they do, you got 'em. There happen to be more of those than there are of us, folks. You and I being wonks. We live and breathe this stuff. The low-information crowd doesn't."


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