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ESPN Apologies for Musburger
RUSH: Did you see where ESPN has apologized to Miss Alabama? ESPN has apologized to Miss Alabama for Brent Musburger slobbering all over her during the Monday night BCS Championship Game. All Musburger was doing was making comments about her feminine pulchritude. For those in Rio Linda, she's hot.

You ought to know what the word means even though you don't 'cause you know what I'm discussing. Now, I haven't read their official apology. Are they saying that Musburger was wrong and that she isn't pretty? Is that what they're saying? (laughing) Musburger: "I take back! The woman was not pretty; quarterbacks don't get all the good-looking girls." It's amazing.

Here's ESPN, which cut its teeth and still survives on close-ups of cheerleaders, apologizing for Brent Musburger. What's wrong with noticing an attractive woman? What's wrong with pointing it out? Then, of course, I mentioned yesterday the Kathy Griffin/Anderson Cooper example. Nobody had a problem with that. But point out an attractive woman? Boy, you can get in deep trouble!

ESPN will apologize for you.

Armstrong Will Cry to Oprah and Everything Will be Cool
RUSH: Lance Armstrong is gonna fix everything. Lance Armstrong is a sad situation. You have to admit, here's a guy that was an inspiration to millions -- beating cancer, working hard, becoming the best he could be -- and then he finally was reduced to having lost all dignity and integrity when it was apparent that he had cheated, that he had doped. Now he's gonna fix it. He's gonna go on Oprah and cry. He and Oprah will cry.

It will be an hour-and-a-half interview on Oprah's OWN network. You can't find that network on cable. I mean, it's not in the top tier. It's there, but you'll have to look very hard for it. That's one of the reasons why he's going to appear there is to help Oprah. But you know what what's gonna happen? He'll go on there and he'll admit all. He'll talk about the pressures involved and whatever, and open up, and he and Oprah will cry, and it will be all fixed.

It'll be all done.

Everything will be just cool after that.

Cliff Deal Didn't Touch Rich
RUSH: Another prediction that I... Well, not a prediction. Not a prediction. Last week, after the fiscal cliff deal was signed and everybody was celebrating on the low-information side about taxes being raised on the rich, I very cogently and timely reminded people that there are two kinds of rich. There are the income rich and the asset rich, and the asset rich are the people that you think about when you think of the rich.

The Bill Gateses and the Warren Buffetts and the Jeffrey Immelts and the Hollywood people -- the Wall Street people, the hedge fund people -- those are the asset wealthy, and they don't pay income taxes. Their taxes does not go up. Well, the capital gains rate went up from 15% to 20%, but their income tax rate, 40%? They don't pay much income tax because so little of what they have every year is earned income. It's other kinds of income.

So I made the point that while the low-information voter is out there celebrating and happy and clapping that the rich finally get theirs, that Obama's finally gonna take money away from the rich -- because the rich took all everybody's money and that's why they are rich, and now Obama's gonna do the right thing and he's gonna go get it; he's raising taxes on 'em -- I threw a little cold water on their thinking by saying, "You know, the real rich that you're thinking about didn't get touched."

So here it is in the Washington Post by Harold Meyerson: "A Tax Deal Only the Ultra-Rich Could Love." You see, Obama protected his donors. He protected his bundlers, the hedge funds, the Wall Street people who raise money and bundle donations and contribute. They didn't get a tax increase. Now, other liberals like Harold Meyerson are not happy about it.

"The tax deal Congress passed last week raised the top rate on wages and salaries from 35% to 39.6%. The rate on income from capital gains and dividends, however, was raised to only 20% from 15%." He's not happy at all because he points out, quite accurately, that the ultrarich didn't get a tax increase. The ultrarich, the people Obama wants to be, didn't get a tax increase. They're still not happy. Taxing wages at a higher rate than profits is wealth redistribution.


RUSH: Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post is unhappy. Capital gain is profit. Profit did not get a tax increase under Obama. Wages did. Income got a tax increase, but profits (which they hate) didn't.

National Cathedral to Perform Same-Sex Marriages
RUSH:  The Washington National Cathedral.  You've heard of that, the Washington National Cathedral.  This is where the nation gathers to mourn tragedies, funerals for great leaders, celebrate new presidents.  The Washington National Cathedral will soon begin performing same-sex marriages. 

"Cathedral officials have told the Associated Press that the church will be among the first Episcopal congregations to implement a new rite of marriage for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members. The church will announce its new policy on Wednesday."  And they celebrate at TMZ, E! Entertainment network, Hollywood, and the low-information voter clusters.  It's great news and a great day, and that is, for many people, the big news of the day, that the Washington National Cathedral will now perform gay marriage. 





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