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Happy Birthday, El Rushbo!

RUSH: My birthday is tomorrow, and they know I despise this kind of attention and having a big deal made out of it because, other than in a Third World country or New York City, the only thing about a birthday is that you made it through another year. Everybody has one. There's no great accomplishment in a birthday.

Journalists Think You're Stupid

CALLER: I'm a telecommunications student at the University of Florida, and it kind of goes hand-in-hand with the journalism school there... One of the things they teach us early on is that the people that we tell the news to and the stories, they're not very smart. They're not as smart as us so we gotta dumb down the stories for them.

Morning Update: Blow!

Last month, our FBI finally got around to questioning the guy for a couple hours in the presence of a Tunisian judge. Now he's been released by another Tunisian judge, citing "lack of evidence." The UK Daily Mail describes the release of this suspect as a "blow to Obama." Yes, to Obama. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was unavailable for comment.


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