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Pearls of Wisdom

"I got so many congratulatory e-mails over the weekend from listeners wishing me a happy birthday. It was a record! So I just want to thank everybody, friends and foes alike."

"Obama has no interest in stopping any spending -- he just wants the Republicans to be blamed for it and for them to be seen as paying for it."

"What I think is really going on here is our president, Barack Obama, if you'll note, really never talks about plans and proposals to solve problems. What he does is position his political opponents as the enemy. Everything he did in the debt limit Q&A in his press conference, and even in the setup, was about the enemy. The Republicans are the enemy."

"As far as Obama's concerned, there isn't a problem -- other than the existence of opposition to him."

"I mean this from the bottom of my heart, folks: the political objective inside the Beltway is to eliminate any effective opposition to the Democrat Party. And yes, Republican moderates are complicit in this because they, too, dislike conservatives."

"The only remaining serious opposition to what's happening in the country today resides in the minds and hearts of conservatives. Nowhere else is there any opposition to all this."

"The Republican moderates are, sadly, a clueless bunch. I don't think they have the slightest idea of what's not just headed their way, but has hit them already. They don't see it because they, too, are focused on eliminating as much conservative influence in the party as Obama is."

"Obama was talking about the debt ceiling as if Congress is responsible for all the legislation he jammed through and signed. I mean, we only have Obamacare because he wanted it!"

"Look at the Senate. The only black senator is a Republican. The only two Hispanic senators are Republicans. And yet here's Colin Powell saying Republicans look down on minorities."

"Snerdley is in a foreign country not to be named. What, H.R.? A bus hit his car and threw him 30 feet? Holy smokes! Why am I just now hearing about this?"

"You see, in the mind of your average Democrat liberal, you don't have a mind of your own -- that's why you need them."

"Why would anybody think that Democrats have designs on their guns? Could it be because the Democrats do? Folks, do you realize how much trouble I'm in now for just pointing this out?"

"One of the things that's bothered me throughout my career is that when a public conservative gets in trouble, other conservatives tend to throw that person overboard to get rid of the problem, rather than defend them. But not me. You know, when Clarence Thomas came under attack, I ginned up the defense."

"One of the reasons why the revisionists in history have so been so unkind to Reagan is because Reagan was profoundly effective. They hated him for that simple reason."

"Everybody calls here: 'Rush, what can the Republicans do?' The first thing they can do is unite and start defending each other and not let character assassination succeed every time the left tries it."

"I know nobody believes it, and it's very racist and partisan to say it, but Obama is the one who took $700 billion out of Medicare, shifted it over to Obamacare and then claimed the Republicans were destroying Medicare."


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