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Michigan Housing Voucher Riots
RUSH: This is from TheBlaze.com:  "Applicants for Section 8 housing vouchers in Taylor, Michigan went wild Saturday after authorities asked thousands to return another time, CBS Detroit relates.  Apparently, somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 turned out -- some waiting in line all night -- but only 1,000 vouchers were available.  CBS Detroit explains:  'When it came time for the vouchers to be distributed, police said there was a mad rush for the door, with people jockeying for position to be the first inside the building. Officers tried to control the crowd, but couldn’t. Fearing the situation was more than they could handle, event organizers shut the entire thing down and turned off the lights inside the building. Witnesses say that’s when things really got ugly.'"

They were throwing chairs. They were fighting.  There were riots, much like what happened in Detroit for the same type of thing.  That's when our intrepid reporter was up there and talked to the people, said, "What are you here for?" 

"For our Obama voucher." 

"Where's Obama getting the money?" 

"I don't know, Obama's stash.  Coming from Obama." 

So 1,000 Section 8 housing vouchers in Taylor, Michigan, 5,000 people showed up, authorities weren't prepared, and a riot ensued.  And that, my friends, is a harbinger of things to come.

Addadictomy Patient Sues to Stay at Small Women's College
RUSH: From The Daily Caller:  "An undergraduate student at a small women’s college in North Carolina --" As opposed to a large women's college.  This is a college in North Carolina for small women.  An undergraduate student there "is seeking permission to stay at the school -- and live on campus -- after she undergoes gender reassignment surgery in February, which will finalize her transformation into a man."  There is at present an undergrad student at the small women's college in North Carolina who is undergoing addadictomy procedures, and she is requesting to stay on campus after the gender reassignment surgery is complete in February. 

The school is Salem College.  Officials there "are now considering the thorny issue, reports the Winston-Salem Journal.  Michelle Melton, Salem’s director of communications, would not identify the transgender student. She cited federal privacy laws, as well as the school’s confidentiality policies, according to the Journal." There are more than 1,100 students.  Eight hundred undergrads are all female, and only females are currently allowed to live on campus.  Men who are at least 23 can participate in teacher education graduate programs and can take adult education courses, but they cannot live or be part of the undergrad campus.  That's what's revolutionary here.  The addadictomy babe wants to stay on campus. 

So now the small college is in the midst of a thorny issue.  They don't know what to do.  She's not a girl anymore, but she was. 


Well, she won't be. She still is, but they gotta finish the procedure.  But she was at one time.  That's not the way to look at this.  You're looking at this the wrong way.  At the end of this you're gonna have one offended student.  That's generally all it takes to change policy anymore.  One offended person is one too many.  One unhappy person is one too many.  One unsettled individual is one too many.  I guarantee you, the school is agonizing over this.  "What do we do?  She wants to stay.  What is going to be thought of us if we deny her her right to stay?"  But, wait, it won't be a her, it will be a him. 


I don't know, I haven't read enough to know whether the patient wants to still use the... that's a good point.  Are there male restrooms on campus for the undergrads when no men are allowed?  Not that a man can't sit, of course.  But still.  Oh, I tell you, the burdens of college. The decisions. The tough things that administrators have to deal with these days.  One offended person.  As you know, wherever in our culture, one offended person can upset hundreds of years of tradition, one offended person.  Look what it did to smoking, as just one example. 


RUSH:  You know, the real question to me about the addadic chick at the small women's college is whether or not he will be able to get free birth control after the surgery. That's what matters on campus these days, is whether or not the women get free birth control paid for by us.  So will the addadic chick need birth control?  A very, very thorny issue at Salem college.  I mean, you got 1,100 students, you got one woman unhappy, or one future man unhappy. It's gotta be tough for 'em. 

Study: Red Wine Prevents Cholesterol Build Up
RUSH: UK Telegraph:  "Finally there is an excuse to pick a good red wine with your Sunday roast -- it can diminish the unhealthy effects of eating red meat." Scientists have now confirmed -- it's no longer theory.  "Scientists have discovered that a glass of red wine can prevent the build up of cholesterol after a meal of dark or red meat."  Wait a minute.  What?  Dark meat or red meat?  I've heard of white and dark chicken, but what is -- oh, maybe that's what it is.  It's not beef, it's meat.  Okay, yeah, duck.  I was thinking well done versus rare.  'Cause well done's usually darker.  But, see, I was totally thinking beef. 

The scientists "found that harmful compounds from the meat would build up in the blood stream of volunteers as they digested a meal, helping to form 'bad' cholesterol that can damage blood vessels and increase the risk of heart disease," and then you could die.  And that's not perfect.  "The researchers showed, however, that antioxidants in the wine known as polyphenols stopped these compounds from being absorbed in the gut and so they did not get into the blood stream where they can cause harm."  The red wine shut it all down.  Now, this has been theorized off and on for a long time.  Now they say it has been confirmed.  Hallelujah. 



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