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Online Video Game Lets You Shoot NRA Prez
RUSH:  Katie Pavlich has the details from the Townhall.com, the Tipsheet blog.  "A new online video game is taking political discourse to a whole new level. We already reported the death threats being received by NRA executives and now, a video game which allows users to shoot NRA President David Keene in the head, has been released. The creator of the game identified as gizmo01942 Ediot says, 'Share this everywhere, especially gun-nut and anti-game websites. Also see if you can't send it in to the NRA somehow, like through the feedback on their website or something.' Gizmo also provides screen shots to viewers," which are attached here to the Tipsheet story. 

"The game is available for download and comes in the form of a zip file. During a press conference in December, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre berated the video game industry for their use of violence saying, 'Isn’t fantasizing about killing people all day really the filthiest form of pornography?'"  And so this guy has created a video game that does feature the head of David Keene, the NRA president, in the crosshairs through a telescopic site, and you can blow his head off in this video game.  It's all part of the left's effort to raise the political discourse, to elevate civility in this country.

Male Jurors More Likely to Convict Fat Women
RUSH: This is from CBS Eyeball News in Connecticut: "Male members of a jury are more likely to find a defendant guilty if the accused person is an overweight female." Men, in other words, are more likely -- did you know this, Dawn?  That's why you listen to this program.  Men are more likely to find fat women guilty. 

"According to a recent study by Yale University psychologists, male -- and not female -- jurors are also more inclined to believe that a fat woman is a repeat offender who had malicious intent. The researchers gathered a group of 471 pretend peers of varying body sizes and described to them a case of check fraud. They also presented them with one of four images -- either a large man, a lean man, a large woman, or a lean woman -- and identified the person in the photograph as the defendant.

"Participants rated the pretend-defendant’s guilt on a five-point scale. No fat bias was present when the female pretend peers evaluated the fake female defendants or when either men or women assessed the guilt of the men.  But when the male pretend peers pronounced judgment on the fake female defendants -- physical bias weighed in on their decision." And the skinnier the male juror, the greater the bias against the fat woman. 

Now, you laugh at this, but this is stuff that defense lawyers are gonna keep in mind.  And jury experts, these jury assembly experts, this is gonna get filed away.  Men are more likely to find fat women guilty. 

NY Coeds Turn to Sugar Daddies
RUSH: From the New York Post: "More New York City co-eds -- " for those of you in Rio Linda, co-ed is a female college student.  "More New York City co-eds are turning to a new source of income -- sugar daddies -- to cope with the rising cost of their college tuition, surprising statistics released yesterday reveal.  And the majority is enrolled at New York University, according to the sugar-daddy dating site SeekingArrangement.com."

Did you know that there was one of those?  A Sugar Daddy dating site.  It's in the New York Post. 

"Nearly 300 NYU co-eds joined the site’s service last year seeking a 'mutually beneficial' arrangement with rich older men -- a 154 percent jump over 2011.  It was the second-highest number of new members for any college in the country.  Hundreds more young women from Columbia, Cornell and Syracuse universities also have recently signed up for the service, the site said."  Using sugar daddies to pay their way through school.  You know, a lot of angles to this story.  It's a little like black markets forming for overtaxed items like cigarettes.  But here you have the cost of college is staggering, it's skyrocketing, nobody wants to go into debt, student loan debt is skyrocketing.  College is becoming unaffordable for most people.  So women are turning to sugar daddies.

Calypso Louie? Biden Suggests 19 Executive Orders
RUSH:  Nineteen new gun regulations.  It was just yesterday we had the audio sound bite of Calypso Louie Farrakhan from December 30th saying that he watched Django Unchained, and he said, "To me, the movie had a purpose, and if a black man came out of that movie thinking like Django, and if white people came out of that movie seeing the slaughter of white people, and they are armed to the teeth, it's preparation for race war." 

Well, 19 new proposals. Nineteen is Minister Farrakhan's secret number.  Nineteen is the number that proves the conspiracy.  We did a bit on it.  I mean, Million Man March, you remember, Farrakhan went through the whole thing about what 19 means. 

Weiner Considers Run for NYC Mayor
RUSH: I should tell you CNN is reporting that Anthony Weiner, the husband of Huma Weiner, might be thinking about running for mayor of New York City.  He's got four-and-a-half million dollars in his war chest, some of it left over from 2005 when he thought about running.  Anthony Weiner, thinking about mayor of New York City. 



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