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Have You Seen "Justified" Yet?... Missouri Bill Taxes Violent Video Games... Old Homestead Steakhouse Tribute to Melo... NYPD Wants GPS on Prescription Bottles...Federal Welfare Spending to Skyrocket 80 Percent in Next Decade...Democrats Push Elimination of Debt Ceiling...

Obama Provokes the American People

RUSH:  President Obama today is taking action that a majority of Americans disagree with.  He's going down a road a majority of people disagree with.  He knows it.  The question is, why?  Why is Barack Obama literally trying to push people to snap?  Why is he doing this?  It's as though in some way he's attacking the very sanity of people in this country.  Why is he doing this?  Why is he deliberately making people so upset? 

Democrats Exploit Tragedy to Implement Their Utopian Agenda of Behavioral Control

RUSH: Practically every piece of legislation that comes from the Democrat Party is rooted in your inability to run your own life, and that comes from their looking at you and seeing incompetence and inability. You have no wisdom. You don't know how to make the proper judgments in life. The way to understand this is to understand that they don't love you. You are to be used to advance their power.


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