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"If we're going to have universal background checks on virtually everybody who buys a gun, you think maybe it's time to require a background check on anybody wanting to be president? I would submit to you we still have not had a background check on Barack Obama."

"I've got Obama's 23 executive orders here, and there isn't one of them that would have stopped what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School."

"If you actually proclaim a place a gun-free zone, you are providing a road map to somebody with a gun to go and take action. You're telling someone where to go where they can't be stopped."

"I know the president's political leanings. I know what his ideology is, I know why and what about this country he doesn't like and wants to change, but I don't understand why he wants to get in people's faces and irritate them."

"Doctors are now under the thumb of Obamacare, and they had better comply. This is not a choice. Can you say hello to rapidly increasing malpractice insurance?"

"That the ACLU is a civil rights organization is a bit of a laugh -- they're just another branch of liberalism!"

"They have canceled All My Babies' Mamas over at the Oxygen channel. I'm so sad."

"See, to the left, you can't make the wise decisions you need to make because you're not really good, you're not a decent person, you're not qualified, and you're not smart enough. They have to control things for you in order to save you from yourself."

"By the way, I'm told that MSNBC practically went insane over my categorization of the children at the White House today as human shields. Of course, the people at MSNBC didn't deal with the substance of what I said at all. All they did was launch into character assassination."

"Shawty just sharing the love."

"You know, sometimes less is more, and sometimes less is less. You never know until you get into it."

"We conservatives look at the people of this country optimistically. We look at it our future optimistically. We look and see a country of people who can take care of themselves and who want to -- maybe in some cases even rugged individualists -- and we don't see anything wrong with that."

"Look at the people who have turned their lives over to the Democrat Party or to liberalism, the people who have bought the notion that the government will take better care of them than they will take care of themselves: they're not happy people, and they don't have any self-confidence."

"We're not into controlling anybody. We like freedom. We believe in free will. And we think that you are the best steward of yourself and your self-interests -- not some faceless, distant capital that claims to care more about you than you do."

"Democrats don't love you., folks. You are just to be used to advance their power. You are an experiment to prove that they know better than you do."

"Welfare spending is going to go up $11 trillion in the next ten years. But don't worry: the $600 billion in additional taxes on the rich over the next ten years will cover it."


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