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Have You Seen "Justified" Yet?
RUSH: You guys watch Justified yet? I've talked about the show. You don't watch Justified? Aw. Episode two of season four was last night, and I especially liked it because Nick Searcy returned. Nick Searcy is grand pooh-bah of the Marshals. He plays the character Art, and they're doing something new on Justified this season. There's no bad guy. In each of the three previous seasons, there's always been a bad guy.

Last year it was Robert Quarles. Before that it was... Oh, that great actress, I'm having a mental block on her name. Margo... Margo... Margo... Margo... Anyway, it was one of the greatest character portrayals from top to bottom that I have ever seen of this matriarchal, domineering mountain family running every crime family and crime in Harlan County. Margo Martindale. That's her name. Anyway, she was the bad guy.

In the first season, there were a couple of bad guys, but there's no bad guy in this season. They're taking it a whole different way. It's a fascinating show, but Nick Searcy was back as the sheriff. Margo Martindale.

Missouri Bill Taxes Violent Video Games
RUSH:  Okay, here are the details on taxing video games in Missouri.  Legislation was filed in Missouri yesterday "that would levy 'upon sales of all violent video games an excise tax based on the gross receipts or gross proceeds of each sale at a rate of one percent.'"  Now, this is similar to legislation offered in Oklahoma last year by legislator William Fourkiller.  "A 'violent video game' in the Missouri bill is defined as 'a video or computer game that has received a rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board of Teen, Mature, or Adult Only.'"

Now, what this is in the state of Missouri, taxing violent video games is taxing certain speech.  It is singling out aspects of video games that would be violent speech and portrayal for special taxation.  The constitutionality of this is highly questionable.  If they're going to do this, are they gonna start taxing violent movies, violent music, violent books, comics, art, television?  Where does this stop? 

Now, what kind of people do you think are behind this?  Of course all this is done under the umbrella of child safety.  We must protect our children.  So it's obviously people on the left who want to do this, and the objective is raising taxes.  That's the objective.  All this other social stuff is a bunch of silly, phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock 'n' roll.  But you start taxing video games, and you are getting to the heart of the left-wing, high-tech -- there's a lot of gamers, folks, a lot of gamers in the tech community that vote Democrat left and right.  High-tech, low tech, middle tech people that do nothing but game all day.  And you start raising their taxes...

See, these are the people that sit around and applaud tax increases on the rich.  These are the people that believe Obama when he tells them that they're never gonna get a tax increase,  These are the people who think Obama is on their side.  These are the kind of people who think Obama is cool and hip like they are.  Now, it's a state tax.  This is not Obama.   But I'm telling you, as this kind of thing ratchets up, you're going to have, I think, more people become more... well, like that caller yesterday who admitted to being a low-information voter.  She explained why.  And she told us, "For the longest time I thought Benghazi was a guy who killed some people in Libya, because I watch local news." And she said, "They give us a minute and 12 seconds on it, and then they'd throw to a story on dead puppies found on I-95." 

She just didn't know.  She watched local news only.  She didn't watch anything else.  Low-information.  She called because she thought I was making fun of 'em.  I corrected her on that.  I wasn't making fun of 'em.  I was trying to find ways to reach them.  And there are gonna be more and more people waking up like this.  What did Obama do today? This video game tax, all these other things.

Old Homestead Steakhouse Tribute to Melo
RUSH: Remember Carmelo Anthony? He had big problems with Kevin Garnett of the Celtics. Kevin Garnett... By the way, this has been denied. Doc Rivers, coach of the Celtics, said it didn't happen. He said he doesn't care what anybody thinks they heard, and doesn't care what was reported, it didn't happen. Kevin Garnett did not tell Carmelo Anthony's wife "tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios."

Oh, Snerdley, you didn't hear about this. You were out of the country when this happened. Oh, this was huge. It was last Monday night, ten days ago, Celtics and the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Kevin Garnett was trash-talking Melo all night long, so bad that Carmelo Anthony waits by the Celtics team bus in the bowels of the Garden after the game to give him what-for. It then was repoted that Kevin Garnett told Anthony his wife, La La, "tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios. "

It didn't help that Carmelo Anthony and La La were not "la la" at the time. They were -- I don't know -- estranged, separated, what have you. Anyway, Doc Rivers has now denied it. Carmelo and Kevin Garnett are supposedly cool with it now. But the guys that run The Old Homestead Steakhouse in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, the chefs, have put together a special presentation. A giant Porterhouse encrusted with Honey Nut Cheerios.

They're going to deliver this with a maitre d' and a limousine to the Knicks locker room for Carmelo Anthony. I've got it right here. "The Knick superstar has had the Honey Nut Cheerios taunt turned into a mouth-watering meal by the staff at" Old Homestead. What's gonna happen here is... They've got the picture captioned: "Co-owner Greg Sherry with his porterhouse-Honey Nut-Bordelaise creation." Melo, he had a 15-day fast to clean up, and he said he was in the mood for a big juicy steak after his fast.

He also said he wanted a bowl of Cheerios.

So a gourmet version of both is gonna be delivered by the Old Homestead with a maitre d' in a Town Car to the Knicks locker room on Monday when they face the Brooklyn nets. Now, you guys the Old Homestead, this a great PR stunt. You gotta know, pregame meals are eaten four to five hours before the game. Melo's not gonna eat this before the game. But a guy says, "Your wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios" and a local restaurant brings you a steak: Honey Nut Cheerios and Bordelaise. Of course the real question is: How does he know?

NYPD Wants GPS on Prescription Bottles

RUSH: Holy cow. Now the New York police department wants GPS locators on every prescription bottle of medicine. Yeah. CNN just had the story. It's because of theft. To fight theft of prescription drugs out of drugstores, they want GPS locators on the bottles. Now, does anybody know a way around that? That's right. You put 'em in a different container. That's the way they'll deal with that, and then they'll have a container that only dispenses one at a time within a certain time frame, whatever the prescription is.

You'll have to bash that bottle open to get to 'em, and when that happens, an alarm is sent out that you have creamed a prescription bottle and the cops will descend on you. Well, where else would it go? What do you think they're gonna do when the people figure out how to get 32 ounces of Coke when they're not allowed to? They're gonna come up with something. They're not gonna sit there and be embarrassed or humiliated.

It's exactly right. They'll get children to write letters to Obama. "Dear President Obama: I live in New York City. My name is Little Johnny, and Mayor Michael Doomberg has just passed a law saying that my parents nor I can have a soda larger than 16 ounces. I just saw my sister have one with 24 ounces! My dearest President Obama,w hat can we do to stop this?" So we bring all these kids up to the White House under the theory that we're poisoning them. We bring all these brave, courageous kids outting everybody they know who's having larger than 16-ounce sodas, and we'll have soda control.

Federal Welfare Spending to Skyrocket 80 Percent in Next Decade
RUSH: Welfare spending is going to increase 80% in ten years. That's faster than the Apple stock price is gonna go up. Welfare spending is gonna go up $11 trillion in the next ten years. But don't worry, the $600 billion in additional taxes from the rich over the next ten years will cover it. From the Weekly Standard: "Federal Welfare Spending to Skyrocket 80% in the Next Decade." If it does, that can't be sustained. That simply is unsustainable.

Paying people that much money not to work for that length of time will not work. You just can't do it. A company can't do it. An individual can't do it. Aculture, a society, a country can't do it. You cannot pay people not to work. I don't care what Pelosi says that every $1 of unemployment compensation generates $1.73 of economic output. It's all BS. That's $11 trillion more, and the only offset is Obama's tax increases on the rich, which equal $60 billion a year.

So $60 billion times ten years is 600 billion, offsetting $11,000 billion doesn't even come close. The only way out of this is to shrink the welfare rolls, and the only way to do that is to increase productivity and the job situation and having more people become self-sufficient. This can't go on. Oh, Western European countries may be able to get away with it -- and little, small, tinhorn banana republics may be able to -- but the world's lone superpower can't stay the world's lone superpower with this kind of future.

It just cannot happen.


RUSH:  You know, what we really need is entitlement control, but if you go out and propose it, well, you're gonna be hit up as mean-spirited, extremist, cold-hearted, selfish, and exploitative. But if anything needs to be controlled in this country, it's entitlements.  Eleven trillion in new welfare. That's all entitlements.  That's all obligations.  It's Rome, folks, is what it is. 

Democrats Push Elimination of Debt Ceiling
RUSH: House Democrats have proposed the elimination of the national debt ceiling. House Democrats say, just get rid of the national debt ceiling. Get rid of it! All told.


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