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Explaining the "Human Shields" Comment for the Low-Information Media


RUSH: So I just get this note: "What do you expect, the people not to understand you when you refer to kids as 'human shields'? How dare you be so mean and criticize the kids?" This is exactly what I mean. I am constantly overestimating the ability to get it and the basic intelligence of people on the left. That's not at all what I meant, and how you understand that from this... Okay, let me explain it -- and I hate having to explain it, because when you have to explain it, it means you failed.

When I accuse "Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!" of using kids as "human shields," I'm not mocking the kids. I am saying that Obama is using those children to prevent any criticism of him! He's hiding behind the kids. They are the human shields protecting Obama from any criticism. (New Castrati impression) "That may be, Mr. Limbaugh, but you use the term 'human shields,' and everybody knows what a 'human shield' is!"

What is a human shield, Mr. New Castrati?

"Mr. Limbaugh, human shield is -- is when Greenpeace or Code Pink or other civil liberty and rights organizations, peace organizations, put themselves in front of weapons and bombs and so forth, and you're talking about kids on gun control and human shields. You're talking about kids getting shot!"

No way!

How do you people think? How in the world do you get that I was suggesting that there's any firearm involved? The Democrats use kids as human shields all the time, and they are there to shield them against criticism, and that's all the kids are for.

They're props.



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