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Pearls of Wisdom

"Harbaugh versus Harbaugh is, for about five seconds, 'Oooh, that's pretty interesting.' And then I look at who's playing and whether I want to watch those two teams in a Super Bowl."

"When I accuse 'Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!' of using kids as 'human shields,' I'm not mocking the kids. I am saying that Obama is using those children to prevent any criticism of him! He's hiding behind the kids. They are the human shields protecting Obama from any criticism."

"If you got a story going like the Manti Te'o story, you just keep at it, try to dig up more, come up with more heart-tugging stuff, more tear-jerking stuff to put in that story. Make sure it gets read and you get clicks. It doesn't matter if it's true or not."
"What is the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution? What's the Second Amendment?  Is that not a civil right, for crying out loud?"
"I've had more people wishing me a bang-up, great year, and it's given me hope that people think it's possible that anybody could have a good year coming up.  It's actually been encouraging."
"I have no clue whether Sheryl Crow knew anything about Lance Armstrong doping.  She was just out trying to have a good time."
"I think we're doing pretty well today taking calls, and we're doing pretty well taking Open Line Friday calls.  We've had our share of nothings. We've had our share of doesn't make any sense. We've had our share of genuine curiosity about things other than politics.  We've had plenty of, 'What the hell are they talking about? I don't know yet' calls. We stuck with it and it's all working out."
"If you're the right guy -- if the media has total love and adoration or approval of you for whatever reason -- they're not gonna question you." 

"I always look forward to Open Line Friday.  I don't know why.  It never ends up being anything different.  But there's always the chance it could be."

"We could spend all three hours every day on the media and not repeat ourselves. I think the reason why there are low-information voters is in part due to the media. People are on a quest for fairness in the American media, and there isn't any."

"You thought you were gonna stump me with Michelle's new hairdo, right?  I saw it.  I saw it.  I made note.  I've got it here in the low-information stack.  We have a low-information voter stack now every day."

"It's impossible for a Democrat to be a failure.  It's impossible for a Democrat to be a reprobate.  It's impossible for a Democrat to be a mess.  It just isn't possible, as far as the mind-set of the media is concerned."

"Governor Christie is positioning himself for 2016.  I think that he hopes to pose a real challenge to Hillary in the Democrat primary."

"A Democrat president would never exploit kids. Only the NRA would exploit kids in reacting to kids being exploited. It's the narrative."

"So, the race is on. Second Amendment defenders are just a bunch of crazy racists, primarily in the South. They believe this. They're not just saying it, folks, they believe it."

"So those of you who are not mobilizing to change the Second Amendment, those of you who are not mobilizing to make it more difficult to get guns and weapons, are the modern equivalent of people who sat around and let Bull Connor turn his dogs loose on the marches in Selma. Man, the foundation of what you must believe to be this out of phase."


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