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Morning Update: Oops!

The Wall Street Journal reports that Obamacare is causing problems at our institutions of higher education. Colleges. The pesky Obamacare mandate, which requires employers to offer coverage to people who work 30 hours or more, has caused shocking consequences: colleges are forcing “adjunct professors” to work shorter hours.

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Welker's Wife Backtracks and Apologizes... Beyonce Faked It... Rangel Targets the South...

See, I Told You So: Obama Seeks to Reverse Reaganism and Destroy the GOP

RUSH: We have the media acknowledging that the Democrat president -- a truly liberal, "progressive" president -- is co-opting Reagan.  We have, in other words, the American left fully aware of how dangerously close they came to being eliminated as a viable opposition because of Reagan. They saw it and said, "Not only is that never happening again, we're gonna take out domestic opposition."

Who Says the Economy is Tanking?

RUSH: We're not in a poor economy. We're trucking right along. Everything's great. The government's great. Are you having trouble getting your unemployment check? No. Are you having trouble getting your food stamps? No. Are you having trouble getting your government health care? No. What's wrong with the economy?


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