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Dick Gregory: Fat White Stewardesses Owe the Civil Rights Movement...  Oregon Lawmaker Wants to Make Cigarettes Controlled Substance... Union Membership Drops... Brown and Rice Claim Callahan Threw the Super Bowl...

John Kerry (Who Served in Vietnam) Will Be Your Next Secretary of State... But What Difference Does It Make?

RUSH: This hearing today, it's like Hillary yesterday on Benghazi. It's a dog and pony show. It's back scratch time. It's people getting together in the same class, the ruling class in this case, the elites, and they're praising each other and telling each other how wonderful they are. And how great they are and how much they've meant to themselves.

Why Everyone Hates Apple

RUSH: I know many of you get irritated with me for talking about Apple and my iPhones and all that stuff that I love, but there is, I think, an object lesson here. It has nothing to do with Apple, except as they have become an enemy. Much like anybody else who is successful has become the enemy. Plus, it's also the ribald competition of capitalism. 


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