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"I find it fascinating the things that upset people. We can be in all this debt -- an economy that's not growing, unemployment skyrocketing -- and some singer gets up and lip-syncs the National Anthem and everybody has a cow."

"To put this in perspective, Mitt Romney's estimated net worth is somewhere between one-third and one-fifth the wealth of John Kerry and his wife back in 2004 -- and yet we can't have Romney be president. No, Romney's a stinking rich fat cat."

"There's no question in my mind that Kerry's going to be confirmed, and there's also no question in my mind that he's going to be a disaster."

"If you have to tell people how great you are, you're not great. If you have to tell people what you've done, people don't know or don't care. And if you have to constantly remind people about your achievements, then they're not very noteworthy."

"Part and parcel of being a leftist is that you don't look out over the country and see people as good and decent. You see the opposite: you see incompetence, incapability, racism, bigotry, and extremism -- and you have to control it, if you're a liberal."

"Taylor Swift demanded a face-to-face sit-down with Harry Styles. She thinks he cheated on her, and she says because of that she may never trust him again. That's a shame."

"You know why John Kerry's investments are in family trusts? To avoid paying taxes. It's a trick that Kerry and the Clintons learned from the Kennedys."

"Liberals are constantly complaining about the rising costs of things, but the cost of government never bothers them. In fact, the higher the better, when it comes to government."

"Obama's inaugural address was one of the most partisan and divisive speeches, period -- inaugural or otherwise. He basically pointed out that he has friends and enemies and his job is to take his enemies out."

"Everything that's happened in this country over the last four years has been by design. The debt, the growth of government, the expansion of government with Obamacare -- it's all part of the plan."

"Obama never would have been elected on this agenda. He only got elected because he was the opposite of what people thought he was: moderate, centrist, post-racial."

"Let me say it again for the record that it was I, El Rushbo, not the Democrat Party, who was keeping Hillary's 2008 campaign alive -- or trying to. It was I trying to defend the honor of the woman."

"Even John Boehner is now saying that Obama's goal is to annihilate the Republican Party. What took him so long?"

"You know something that I noticed? Every man in Hillary Clinton's life has sent her out to lie for him."

"That somehow people like Rush Limbaugh, me, don't like powerful women? How absurd! Give me Margaret Thatcher running this country today, any day. I would be ecstatic. Jean Kirkpatrick -- any number of powerful accomplished women."


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