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Morning Update: Blue Texas

Folks, the Democrats have a Southern Strategy. According to Politico, they’re developing a plan to change Texas from a reliable "red" state into a reliable liberal “blue” state. They’ve even formed a new organization: "Battleground Texas."

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Tahrir Square, Two Years Later

RUSH: It's such a sad day, the violence taking place in Tahrir Square. We want to go to one of my all-time favorite series of sound bites. Folks, I just love these. Our old buddy Nic Robertson, CNN, February 11th, 2011, in Tahrir Square celebrating the outbreak of the Arab Spring and trying to get people involved in the protest, to praise Barack Obama for it.

"Enlightened" Liberals Compare Every Issue to Slavery Because of Spielberg's Lincoln

RUSH: So Brendon Ayanbadejo, a 25-year-old linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, is now equating whatever opposition there is to gay marriage to people who wanted slavery -- and you who still want slavery, that's why you want your guns... It's what he's been taught by people like Frank Rich, and this is how the cycle happens... This Lincoln movie is the prism through which every liberal sees the world right now. So basically every liberal is seeing the world through the eyes of Steven Spielberg, not Lincoln. 

Didn't We Do Women in Combat in the '90s?

RUSH: It'll be 25 years in August that I've been doing this show. And that's long enough to notice things that you can't possibly notice in your first five years or even ten. For example, I am now able to see how a whole bunch of things simply repeat themselves -- issues, battles, political fights -- how they repeat themselves, how a lot of this is just cycled and recycled.


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