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Pearls of Wisdom

"The progressive income tax is the greatest tool to prevent wealth that there's ever been in a free market society -- other than putting people in jail."

"Okay, I get it. The dude is saying that the government can't stop global warming anyway because they're too incompetent, and that needs to be the argument. Is that what the dude is saying? Maybe."

"So the economy shrunk, and you know what the Democrats are out there saying? That this is the best looking contraction that there's ever been in this country. And, of course, the media's repeating that."

"Our growth rate is below the ChiComs. Our growth rate is below Cuba. We're not growing now; the fourth quarter we actually contracted! It's just sad to watch this happening right in front of our eyes."

"In the old days of immigration, people came to this country seeking a better life for themselves. They were fleeing tyranny, oppression, and economic poverty. They wanted to come here and be a part of that great American culture. Well, that isn't happening now. Our culture's being Balkanized."

"Don't forget: Pelosi and the Democrats all said that unemployment benefits equal rampant economic growth. Well, we extended unemployment benefits, and I don't see any economic growth."

"Ray Lewis has a simple answer for everything -- regarding Atlanta in 2000 and the deer antler spray -- if he wants it: 'What difference does it make?' Hey, it worked for Hillary. If it worked for Hillary, it's bound to work for somebody like Ray Lewis."

"We actually have the former CEO of Playboy claiming that the murder rate is tied to global warming. See, there's a reason why I always read the articles when I bought Playboy. I never bought it for the pictures -- I bought it for the articles because I wanted to read great intellectual content like that."

"I simply believe in encouraging people that exhibit courage."

"I've looked at a number of low-information websites; nothing there yet about the economy contracting. The only thing that's big news over there right now is that Lindsay Lohan was panicked on a first class flight to Los Angeles."

"Let's face it: most abortions taking place are among Democrats, and that's a shrinking Democrat voter base -- it just is. I don't care if that sounds insensitive to you, it is what it is."

"Why in the world would frozen pizza makers poison their customers? Are they hoping to lose money and be considered a charity so that their stock prices go through the roof?"

"Illegals represent the demographic profile the Democrats want: relatively poor people that depend on government for their prosperity."

"You know as well as I do that Barack Obama and the Democrats have sought to blame capitalism for everything. Capitalism is evil. Profit is evil. Capitalism allows people to die. It was capitalism that had Romney putting his dog on the roof of his car during vacation."

"The views expressed by the host on this program make more sense than anything anybody else out there happens to be saying. You know why? Because they do."


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