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Pearls of Wisdom

"My position on immigration at large: I'm not opposed to it. I agree with everybody who says that this country was built on immigration. I, however, believe in legal immigration. But more importantly than that, I believe in assimilation. I believe in the maintenance of a distinct, unique American culture."

"We all know how to create jobs: do the exact opposite of what Obama does."

"Why, it is impossible to build a concussion-proof helmet; says it right here in the news. Well, there's only one solution: we're going to have to regulate the way football is played. You see how all the dominoes are falling right in line here?"

"I am shocked, ladies and gentlemen, that President Obama is going to shut down the jobs council. Did you know that? I guess their work is done. Apparently, the need to create jobs is not all that great."

"Maybe a sour economy is worth it if it'll distract Obama and delay him from what he wants to do regarding guns and immigration. I thought I'd never say something like that, but who knows."

"Poor Rachel -- she's in for Dawn today. Rachel's in there kind of shaking her head like your dog looks at you: kind of curious, not sure what you're saying, but excited to understand."

"They asked Ray Lewis, 'What do you think about this massive rise in the unemployment rate?' Lewis said, 'It's the trick of the devil. We need some antler spray for the economy, folks.'"

"Do you realize how few people there are in Washington who will tell the truth about who Obama really is and what his grand designs are? Rubio did that in our interview, and I thought it was noteworthy."

"I do want to set the record straight here. Look, keep this between us, folks, but I'm just trying to be the new, less threatening Rush Limbaugh."

"Previous immigrants wanted to be Americans with a capital A, but that's not what's happening now. What's happening now is the Balkanization of our culture."

"Senator Jim Inhofe today asked Chuck Hagel, 'Why are the Iranians endorsing you?' Why doesn't anybody ask Obama that, too?"

"The problem for the Democrats is that as people become more upwardly mobile, become more self-sufficient, more self-reliant and wealthier, they have less need for government -- and that means less power for the Democrats."

"Here's the problem: I have been trying for longer than 25 years to tell people that government is not the solution to their problems and that government's not the source of prosperity, but an increasing number of people, nevertheless, think it is."

"My love for people in Rio Linda: I still have it, even though I haven't been there since 1987."

"I don't believe that keeping people poor is in their self-interest. I don't believe that keeping people poor helps the country. I don't believe that obstacles on the path to wealth are the right thing to do. But that's what the Democrat Party and Obama stand for today."

"Something happened between the end of September and the end of the year -- something in October, November or December -- and it caused the economy to stop growing. I don't know what it could have been, but something happened."

"Sharon Stone is too busy with her three sons and her professional life now to carry on a relationship. This is this stuff that has the low-information voter on edge today, and I just thought that you should know."


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