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Why It's Impossible to Build a Concussion-Proof Helmet
RUSH:  Why it is impossible to build a concussion-proof helmet, right here it is.  It's not possible.  It is not possible to stop concussions the way football is being played today. I have it on one of my tech blogs, the scientist has done the research.  It's not possible.  It's not possible to stop concussions, not possible to stop brain injury, not possible, the way the game is played today.  It's a matter of physics and science, and no matter what you do with the helmet, you're never gonna be able to stop the brain from smashing up inside the skull, never, no matter what you do. 

Right here it is.  The brain trauma, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, it'll continue to happen as long as football is played the way it is today.  Well, there's only one solution:  We're gonna have to regulate the way football is played.  You see how all the dominoes here are falling right in line?  I didn't know this, but I was told yesterday that during the middle of the day yesterday when this program was on, over on PMSNBC, they actually convened a panel of liberal commentators to discuss the fact that football needs to be regulated.  And you know why?  Because players don't know what they face.  The players don't know the dangers, and even if they did, they're not smart enough to make decisions on their own, in their own self-interest.

AP Frets: Economy May Distract from Obama Agenda
RUSH:  I got a new AP story here by our old buddy Jim Kuhnhenn, and this headline is great, the story, too, coming up.  But I just want to give you the headline: "Economic Jitters Compete With Obama Agenda."  Oh, no, it's so unfair. It's so unfair.  People are getting worried about the economy now, right when Obama's on the verge of getting rid of guns and legalizing the illegals.  Oh, no.  It's so horrible.  That's the tone of the story.  So unfair to Obama.  He's on the verge of all these great liberal dreams, and here comes the economy worrying people, and it's distracting them from Obama's agenda.  How unfair.


AP, Jim Kuhnhenn: "Economic Jitters Compete with Obama Agenda." Now, stop and think of this. The economy's tanking. It's been tanking for four years. There hasn't been a recovery; I don't care what anybody says. Now we have a fourth quarter where the economy shrank. It contracted by one-tenth of 1%. Here comes this AP story saying: Oh, no! "Economic Jitters Compete with Obama Agenda." Why isn't the Obama "agenda" the economy? But it isn't. The Obama agenda is guns, the Obama agenda is amnesty.

The Obama agenda is football injuries. Here's how this story goes: "Just as President Barack Obama is pushing new initiatives on gun control and immigration, the gloomy old problem of a sluggish economy is elbowing its way back into prominence." How sad. Boy, it's so unfortunate for Obama. Here he is... See, from the standpoint of AP, he's on the verge, folks, of big, monumental, transformational stuff. He's on the verge! He's on the verge of major gun control legislation. He's on the verge of amnesty!
And, damn it, here comes the economy again and it's making people jittery, and the problem with that is it distracts people. The price of gasoline, the price of food, the availability of food, the lack of jobs, that's what people are thinking about. They're not thinking about -- well, they are thinking about holding onto their guns. "Consumer confidence is falling, the economy is contracting and large automatic spending cuts are threatening to hit the Pentagon and other programs, with uncertain consequences."

Don't forget the AP story yesterday. They had to begrudgingly admit that the economy "contracting" means we may not be able to withstand these tax increases coming this year. They actually said that. "These troubles arise as Obama's public approval is improving," he's at an all-time high, or close to it; his approval numbers are at 60%-plus, "and as he begins to use his sway to promote the key features of his second-term agenda," which do not include the economy. He shut down the jobs council today.

"Any immediate economic setback -- or the perception of one -- could weaken Obama’s clout or at least distract him as he carefully tries to put his imprint on initiatives dealing with immigration and gun violence."  Maybe a sour economy is worth it if it'll distract Obama and delay him from what he wants to do on guns and immigration.  I thought I'd never say something like that.  But who knows. 

Anyway, AP, the voice of the administration.  The Administration Press, no longer the Associated Press, the Administration Press openly worried that a souring economy is going to thwart Obama's agenda, which, again, means that the economy's not part of his agenda, at least not improving it.  So Dingy Harry.

TIME Lays Off 500, Romney Blamed
RUSH: We reported yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, TIME Inc., laying off 500 more employees.  They've been laying people off at regular intervals, and yesterday was 500 new people laid off.  Six percent of the TIME Inc., staff. One detail that we did not note, Bain & Co., the global management consulting firm where Mitt Romney once worked was involved in the layoffs.  Ad Age is reporting that one of Laura Lang's "first moves was to call a top-to-bottom review facilitated by consultants from Bain & Co., evaluating priorities, opportunities and trouble spots."

So we can say that Romney was involved in laying off 500 people at TIME Inc. Well,  they said Romney was in charge of stuff that Bain was doing when he wasn't there anymore.  All during the campaign, the Democrats, whatever happened at Bain Capital, Romney did it.  Even the guy whose wife died from cancer, Romney wasn't even there when that happened, they blamed it on him.  So we can say, that's karma, 'cause now Bain Capital, which automatically means Romney, was instrumental in 500 people at TIME Inc. getting canned.  I mean, this includes a bunch of people, could be People magazine, Sports Illustrated.  You never know where they're coming from.


RUSH: Ashland, Wisconsin, Brian you're next, great to have you here.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello, Mr. Limbaugh.  Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH:  You bet, it's my pleasure.  I'm sitting here, I'm so happy, I just figured out here that -- I don't know how many TIME spouses are gonna die because of Mitt Romney now.  They got 500 people laid off at TIME Inc.  As we all know, Romney didn't care when people's wives died, and I wonder if any spouses die because of TIME layoffs, gonna blame Romney for it.  Well, we'll see.  I'm just thinking ahead.  That's what I do.  Anyway, what's up?

CALLER:  I was gonna say that I'm gonna give up housework after your last segment there.  But what I wanted to comment on was the GDP, the contraction of the GDP and AP saying it's an outdated method for measuring growth.  What I'm viewing is we're approaching this capitalism versus sustainability, and sustainability mandates that we have zero growth.  So they are achieving their goal, the fundamental transformation of America is zero growth.

RUSH:  Interesting.  They're after sustainability.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  It's easier to sustain something that isn't growing, and therefore no growth is something they're actually happy about, meaning the Democrats, the American left.

CALLER:  Right.  Right.  And it's an anti-capitalist, pro-sustainability --

RUSH:  Well, you know, here's the thing.  (crosstalk)

CALLER:  -- NFL analogy, it's like the prevent defense.

RUSH:  Well, Brian, when you stop and think about it, let me be serious about this.  When you stop and think about it -- and I've said this countless times -- mathematically it is impossible for the private sector to grow, given Obama and Democrat Party policies.  It simply can't.  Growth is when the private sector expands the pie, the money.  The money supply the private sector grows, the economic output, goods and services grow.  It can't, because Obama's taking more of it.  Higher taxes, more regulations, more borrowing, more printing, inflation.  The private sector is shrinking by virtue of policy.  It can't possibly grow, and as such, I think you're right, that is the objective of Obama policy.  And so GDP is a bad measure now, the AP says.

French Socialists Lights Out at 1AM
RUSH: Did you see what they're gonna do in France? Starting soon, I think it's in July... You gotta give people time to get ready for this. I'll tell you, this guy running France, 75% top tax rate and everybody leaving? The most recent guy to leave is the guy that runs the giant conglomerate LHMV or LVMH or LHVM, whatever it is. He's Bernard Arnault. I think I even met this guy as a cigar dinner. He's leaving the country. He's a multibillionaire and he's leaving. He's not gonna put up with it.

This new socialist French president is mandating that every light in the country go off at one a.m. Every light! Stores inside, the street lights and so forth, every light's gotta go off one o'clock in the morning. You can get dispensation for Christmas, certain holidays. I mean, it's truly Draconian, and it's all to save carbon, to save the planet. It's all about climate change, it's all to make sure we don't put tons and tons and tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

Well, I want to present to you an alternative truth, and that is... Not the discovery, but the taming, the development, all of the inventions and use of carbon is what propelled economic growth worldwide. It vastly raised standards of living, propelled people to greatness, enabled so much good. Carbon! Now here comes the left wanting to tax it, wants people to stop using it and take us back to the Stone Age. And this guy in France is leading the way.

Drive-Bys Rip Algore for Hypocrisy
RUSH: Have you seen any of Algore's interviews as he promotes his new book? I don't even know what the title of the book is, but this guy... I was looking to see if we had any audio. We don't, but we can get some for tomorrow. Algore is being savaged! He's being savaged. He got savaged by Letterman. I didn't know Letterman knew enough to savage Algore. He got savaged by Matt Lauer on the Today show.

The only sycophant in the media so far that's bent over and grabbed the ankles for Gore is Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington. When she interviewed Gore, she said (impression), "Do we have time?" in terms of global warming. "Do we have time?" All these other people are dumping on him left and right for selling out and selling his TV network to Al Jazeera. They can't believe it. Here's a guy who's built his career -- and they're right, by the way.

He has made a fortune trashing oil. He has made his fortune literally belittling oil. He has made people hate oil the way the left has made people hate Republicans, and he sells out to an oil state? So they're calling him hypocritical. You know, it's one thing for Algore to start his liberal network and have it not succeed, and maybe sell it to some other good-hearted liberal. He sold it to an oil state -- not a company, but a state, Qatar.

That's who owns Al Jazeera. It's not that they're Islamists. It's not that they're Muslims. It's that they're an oil state. So they look at Algore as a sellout and a hypocrite and they're calling him on it, and he's choosing where to go. He's trying to choose friendly places, and even these friendly places are mad, like I say, Letterman. I didn't know Letterman knew that there was a Qatar. Somebody must have told him for the questions.


RUSH: I take it back. Andrea Mitchell did hit Gore on the hypocrisy of making money trashing oil and then selling his TV network to Al Jazeera. But she did also then suck up by asking him if we have time to save the planet.

Flashback: Bill Clinton Said We Must Shrink the Economy to Save the Planet
RUSH: I want to take you back into your memory. Jacob Tapper is now with CNN but when he was with ABC News he did an interview with Clinton on January 31st, 2008. Now, this is before Obama was elected. This is during the 2008 campaign. Bill Clinton said back then, "We just have to slow down our economy" to fight global warming. It was in a speech. Jake Tapper reported it. Clinton "characterized what the US and other industrialized nations need to do to combat global warming."

He said (impression) that the best thing that can happen for global warming is a recession. That's right. "We just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions 'cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren." Lo and behold, it's happening! We are shrinking our economy for your grandchildren. We are saving the planet for your grandchildren. Your grandchildren blame you for destroying "the climate." Your grandchildren and your kids blame you.

Clinton came along and fed that thought, and advocated a recession in order to save the planet, and here we are. We're in the middle of a four-year recession, in truth. I mean, not statistically the way it's measured. But for all practical purposes in terms of reality, we're in a four-year recession with the economy shrinking. (interruption) Is Gore's book really titled, "Don't Do As I Say"? That can't be. If that's true... Well, they're out there trying to say the Lance Armstrong story was hypocrisy on steroids?

How about Algore?

He has literally become a multimillionaire -- three-figure hundred-plus millionaire -- trashing oil.







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