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CNN: Super Bowl Stress Can Kill You... Soledad Show Cancelled Because Audience is "Too Ethnic"...  Kerry: Obama Offered Me the Job a Week Before Susan Rice Pulled Out... Scott Brown Won't Run for Kerry's Seat... NYT Finds Fault with Hagel...

Washington Discovers Chuck Hagel Isn’t Brilliant (But We Knew a Decade Ago)

RUSH: They thought he was brilliant! They thought that he had a special intellect that set him apart. That's why, by the way, the entire ruling class -- Republicans, Democrats, elected officials, media people -- are beside themselves. They're shocked at how poorly Hagel did yesterday. They're shocked at how ill-prepared he was. They are stunned at how unprepared he was. They are overwhelmed by how stupid he sounded.

There are Reasons for Optimism

RUSH: It isn't wishful thinking. I just have a sense that Obama's not going to ultimately succeed in totally transforming this country into something other than how it was founded. Now, I'm not denying what he's done so far has been devastating, but there are signs out there.

Christie Praises Obama Again

RUSH: I feel kind of foolish for allowing myself to believe that they've gotten most of the repair work done, or that they were well enough down the road that success signs were all over the place, progress was all over the place. It turns out there hasn't been anything done, and yet they're still praising Obama!


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