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CNN: Super Bowl Stress Can Kill You
RUSH: CNN is doing a segment on how stress watching the Super Bowl can kill you, and they are actually interviewing a doctor.  Super Bowl stress can kill you.  And this is the template.  Every day it's a crisis of something that's gonna kill you or make you sick, and you don't have any control over it. You need somebody to help you, somebody to give you advice, somebody to protect you from yourself.  I kid you not.  Super Bowl stress can kill you.

Soledad Show Cancelled Because Audience is "Too Ethnic"
RUSH: CNN, CNN has cancelled Soledad O'Brien's morning show, Starting Point. "The tumult at CNN that has seen several contributors leave the cable news network continued on Wednesday, when Soledad O'Brien's morning show, Starting Point, was canceled because her program's small audience was 'too ethnic, based on the high concentration of minority viewers.'"

Now, that's what was originally reported. CNN suits are denying that. They're admitting the audience was small, but they say (paraphrased), "We don't care if it's all minority. We don't care if it's all ethnic. That certainly isn't true." But when the original report hit, there were a lot of people worked at CNN who were stunned to learn that one of the vice presidents (a guy named Bart Feder) had complained about the audience not only being small, but "too ethnic."


Look, there's no question that changes at CNN are taking place, 'cause nobody's watching. The audience levels are dangerously and non-existently low, but there's also another factor here when it comes to some of these people. They're just plain... They don't know anything. I'm trying to be charitable here. They're just literally ignorant. They need crib notes, cheat sheets. They have no idea what they don't know and what they do know and what they're talking about.

I mean, there really is rampant...

I don't want to call it stupidity. I just think it's ignorance. I think there is a component of liberalism that makes you arrogant and you think you know everything, and what you don't know doesn't matter, and if Republicans or conservatives think it, it is extreme and racist and bigoted. So you don't deal with it. So you wall yourself off, and you end up knowing nothing, other than essentially liberal propaganda. I think that probably describes a whole bunch of people at CNN, and probably over at PMSNBC as well.


RUSH: As to Soledad O'Brien, CNN's original report, "the audience was too small and too ethnic."  How could it be too ethnic?  I mean, what a way to kick off Black History Month, get rid of Soledad O'Brien because her audience is too ethnic.  That's not very sensitive.  Remember what Wolf Blitzer said when he was covering Hurricane Katrina?  Among the many things he said, Wolf Blitzer observed as he was looking at the victims, that they were so black.  He said that.  And of course there were people, "What do you mean by that?"  He had to do some fast dancing to get out of there.  But he pulled it off. 

Kerry: Obama Offered Me the Job a Week Before Susan Rice Pulled Out
RUSH: Hey, get this. This is just choice. John Kerry, most people know him from the TV show The Addams Family. Many of our low-information voters recognize John Kerry as one of the stars in the Addams Family. He played Lurch. He just had his hearings for secretary of state, and he granted an interview to the Boston Globe, and you know what he did? (laughing) He told the Boston Globe that Obama offered him the secretary of state job one week before Susan Rice publicly pulled out of the running.

Susan Rice, it was her gig. It's one of the things that I'm sure she was promised for going on those five Sunday shows and blaming the video -- that YouTube video -- for causing Benghazi. She wanted to be secretary of state. It was hers. And then all hell broke loose because of those five appearances. She was hanging in there, and she wanted the job. Kerry's making it sound like unbeknownst to her, Obama threw her overboard, and she didn't even know it.

So Lurch is out there bragging (impression), "He actually called me a week before Susan got out of this thing. He called me and said, 'You're my choice! I want you to do this.' He asked me to keep it quiet, and I did. I sat on it until now, and I'm getting up off of it so that I can tell you about it." You know, if you have any class, this is not the kind of thing you say. If you want this news out, have it leaked by some minion in some tertiary office or something.

But you don't do this yourself. You know what this is? This is the most classless thing. This is a braggart. It's not enough for Kerry to have been offered the gig and go up there and go through some basic phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock 'n' roller hearings. No, it's still not enough. He's gotta go out there and say, "You know what? I'm so special, I'm so cool, I was offered this job a week before Susan Rice even pulled out. And they asked me to sit on it."

You know, a person with any kind of class doesn't do this kind of thing.

But old Lurch had to go out there and make sure everybody knows.

Scott Brown Won't Run for Kerry's Seat
RUSH: Scott Brown has just announced that he is not going to run for the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Kerry when he moved over to the secretary of state position. So the job now of pursuing John Kerry's seat will probably fall to Barney Frank. If anybody is could pursue that seat, it would be Barney Frank. You know, he retired from Congress. That was because of a change in the district. He wanted to be interim senator at some point and they didn't let him. He may run for this.

NYT Finds Fault with Hagel
RUSH: The New York Times editors had an editorial about Chuck Hagel's performance. The only thing they could find to criticize Hagel about -- I kid you not -- was some comment Hagel made 15 years ago about some gay ambassador. His comments, they were pretty cutting, I must admit. I don't remember them off the top of my head, but he made some comments about some gay American ambassador that the New York Times just hasn't forgotten.




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