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GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad
RUSH:  We were talking about Super Bowl commercials and Snerdley said to me that GoDaddy commercial just... What did you say, it made you nervous? (interruption) "Revolting." He said, "The GoDaddy commercial was revolting." That was the one with Bar Refaeli, the model, sitting on a bench making out with the nerd -- with, by the way, Danica Patrick standing there watching. Danica Patrick is the spokeswoman for GoDaddy. She's standing there watching while Bar Refaeli and this nerd make out. What revolted you about that? (interruption) Okay. He said, "It was the sound." The sound is what revolted him.

See, there's a reason why in love scenes for television and movies they play music. It's so that you don't hear the sounds. I thought, Snerdley, you'd look at that commercial and maybe it would give you hope and you'd like it. Anyway, people are talking about it and that's all GoDaddy cares about. In fact, if pornography opens you up to gay sex, the GoDaddy spot may turn you off to heterosexual sex. It might have been sneaky trick all the way around.

Low-Info Segments Help Rush 24/7 Member Relate to Co-Workers
RUSH:  An e-mail from a subscriber to Rush 24/7: "Dear Rush, I don't know if your low-information voter outreach is attracting any low-information voters." It is, folks. By the way, we have research on this. It is. It is working. "But it is helping me a lot. I work with low-information voters, and I look as confused when they talk about Jay-Z and Beyonce and the Kardashians as they look when I talk about the national debt and Benghazi.

"I can't watch Entertainment Tonight because I can literally feel my brain cells dying. But thanks to you, Rush, I'm no longer uninformed about what concerns my low-information coworkers." So he is becoming aware of what the low-information crowd likes and therefore his relationship with low-information coworkers has improved. And he's writing here to thank me. James Stout is his name, and he was writing here to thank me.

We'll Get into Rove and the Tea Party, Don't Worry
RUSH: Remind me tomorrow. I got some e-mails from people wanting to know my take on Karl Rove and his PAC taking aim at the Tea Party, and I wasn't in the mood to get into that today. But fear not, folks. We will in due course. I just wanted you to know that I was aware of it, and we'll get to it at some point.

Press Uncovers Marino Love Child, But Has No Interest in Benghazi
RUSH: So Obama would maybe or perhaps not let his imaginary son play football, but he'll send your daughter or maybe his and your son off to combat in Afghanistan, Iraq or wherever. (interruption) That's true. If his imaginary son throws like Obama does, he doesn't have to worry about him. Speaking of which, folks, did you see that journalists uncovered the fact that Dan Marino, the former quarterback of the Dolphins, had an affair with a CBS employee and a child? He had a love child six or seven years ago, something like that. Did you see that. Whoever did that, would you guys try to find out what happened in Benghazi? Whoever found that out about Marino, can you look into Benghazi? The regular media doesn't seem to be able to find out what happened in Benghazi, and they didn't know about this Marino business. Maybe TMZ or whoever it was can tell us what happened in Benghazi. Maybe you guys could find out, because a lot of people want to know that.



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