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Morning Update: Death And Taxes

Everything liberals told you was a lie. Costs are exploding. You can’t keep your own doctor. Your premiums are skyrocketing. Obama and Krugman say we need new revenue, on top of the massive new taxes in Obamacare. And now Krugman admits that, yes, death panels are in the mix.

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The Pope of American Conservatism

RUSH: TIME Magazine has called me a pope.  They have a cover story on Marco Rubio.... When they interpret me incorrectly and I correct it, I'm still wrong.  I don't know what I've said.  The way I am interpreted by others is what I really meant and what I said.  What I mean doesn't matter, I'm wrong.  That's the way the mainstream media reacts.  They say that I told Rubio in the interview on this program that what he was doing was admirable, as though he had been granted absolution by the pope.

Dr. Carson's 43-Second Solution

RUSH: I feel... It's hard to describe this. A 43-second sound bite from Dr. Benjamin Carson is giving me the shakes, and it's hard to describe it. It's because of what could have been, what could have been versus what is going to happen and is in the process of happening. It's devastating what's in the process of happening where health care is concerned.


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