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Pearls of Wisdom

"Health care's like any other product or service: if the consumer is in charge of spending his money on it, then the market will make sure that it is affordable."

"You can't find anywhere in the media the fact that the sequester was Obama's idea. You can't! But it was Obama and the Democrats' proposal, and now they're acting like it was forced on them by these mean Republicans who only want to hurt people."

"Marco Rubio is an original. He doesn't need to be advised on conservatism. He doesn't need to consult people on principle. He has them. He is the real deal."

"The Republicans are in pure reactionary mode right now. I mean, whatever the Democrats and the media decide is going to be the narrative of the day is what the Republicans decide to get in on."

"This headline basically says it all: 'Even Brief Spending Cuts Could Hit US Economy Hard'. You see, this all fits in with the idea that all prosperity comes from Washington. It's really insidious how this thinking has taken hold, folks."

"Paul Krugman is a Nobel Prize winning economist, folks -- which tells you everything you need to know about the Nobel Prize."

"Why is a citizen asking the president of the United States if her mother can have a medical procedure? Sometimes I think I'm the only one who thinks that's obscene."

"Remember: Shakespeare said that brevity is the soul of wit. Brevity is how you make an impression. The least number of words you need to make a point, the more powerful the point."

"Regarding Benghazi, the question then and the question now is: where was Obama, and why was he disengaged? And we still don't have an answer to that, folks."

"Admittedly, some people don't want to be in control of their health care; they'd rather farm it out, let somebody else handle it. Those people don't want to deal with the responsibility, and that's what people like Obama and the Democrats bank on."

"Lindsay Lohan has had to move back home to Staten Island. What? What did I say? Staten Island? Long Island, Staten Island -- what's the difference? It's New York."

"CBS -- they're televising the Grammys -- and they've told everybody who's putting on the show to please make sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. So why are we supposed to watch now? For the music? Have these guys forgotten what year it is?"

"Folks, I'm really focused on what we can all do here. I'm focused on what can be. I'm focused on what damn well ought to be."

"So everything you were told about Obamacare has turned out to be incorrect. Health care costs are exploding, you can't keep your own doctor, your premiums are skyrocketing, the cheapest plan is $4,000 per person, and now Paul Krugman admits that we're going to need death panels. Okay."

"Talk about a tingly feeling up your leg: I just got one from Dr. Benjamin Carson."


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