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Selena Gomez News...
RUSH: We move on to the low-information news. We got some out there today about Selena Gomez.

Lindsay Lohan Moves Back Home to Long Island
RUSH:  Lindsay Lohan's had to move back home to Staten Island.  Did you know that?  She is short of cash. 


What did I say?  Long Island, Staten Island, what's the difference?  It's New York.  She's gotta move back home.  Stupid people want to be nitpicky with me here.  Long Island, Staten Island, what difference does it make?  Anyway, we got that. 

Why Watch? Grammys Bans Nudity
RUSH: We've got restrictions on no boobs, no breast-feeding at the Grammys, no wardrobe malfunction.  CBS has come out with some restrictions here.  There's all kinds of exciting stuff out there happening.  I mentioned CBS.  They're televising the Grammys, and they've told the producers and everybody that's putting on the show to please make sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered.  So why are we supposed to watch now?  For the music?  Have these guys forgotten what year it is?

WaPo Poll: Amnesty Wildly Popular (At 49%)
RUSH: Look at this from the Washington Post: "Obama Makes Immigration Comeback." Oh, yeah. It's another poll from the Washington Post. This is one more example of how the Drive-By Media is using polls to push Obama's agenda. Once again, it's the news media using their polls to try to give Obama the mandate he never got from the elections. You know, back when the polls were against amnesty, we never heard about those polls -- and we have countless polls that showed people, a majority, opposed to amnesty.

We know that whenever the American people have expressed an opinion about this, it's always been a majority oppose amnesty. "Americans have given President Obama a major ratings boost on immigration as he and Congress debate the biggest immigration reforms in decades, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. By 49 to 43%, slightly more Americans now approve than disapprove of Obama on immigration. In July, Obama was deep underwater, with just 38% offering positive ratings and 52% negative."

But now, so many great and wonderful things have happened since July, and Obama's now soaring! It's up from 38% to 49% approving of Obama on immigration. So, let's see, 49-43. A 6% edge is now "a major ratings boost." Remember, this is just a poll. It's being treated as though it's an actual referendum where people have voted on immigration. We don't know how many Democrats were oversampled in the poll. We can't get that information. It's not provided.

They usually oversample Democrats by around 7% in this poll, but we don't have the data. We never heard about these polls when immigration was unpopular. But, as the Post asks, "So is the poll just another indicator of Obama's post-election bounce, or is something deeper afoot in attitudes about immigration?" It might well be, folks, that it's much more than just love for Obama. It might be a lot more than just appreciation and adoration for Barack Obama!

It might actually be -- might/could be -- that the American people have done a quick 180 on immigration and amnesty, and now they're all for it. It could be! It could also not be, but it could be. Might be/could be. Don't worry. Of course it means a dramatic shift in Americans' thinking about amnesty, otherwise Congress might have to fear some kind of backlash. But they don't according to this poll.

There won't be any backlash. So Congress is told, "Go ahead! Vote for amnesty!" The ABC/Washington Post poll is out, so everybody loves it. "[P]erhaps most noteworthy is that fact that Obama's solid-but-not-spectacular ratings mark a major change in how Americans have rated recent presidents --Republican or Democrat -- on immigration." So amnesty is now wildly popular: 49% of the American people approve. It's wildly popular.

Forty-nine percent. It's not even over 50%.


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