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Caller Says She's the One Who Lost Her Purse with Cash and Food Stamps


RUSH: We have on the phone Holly from somewhere in Ohio.  Holly, welcome to the EIB Network.  Mr. Snerdley told me that you are the woman who was in a newspaper story we talked about last week. Your purse was stolen. Is that right?

CALLER:  Yeah, that's correct.  I'm hoping I'm the right one.

RUSH:  You are.  Well, do you live somewhere near a town named Brunswick?

CALLER:  Close by, yeah.

RUSH:  Okay.  It was a news story that you lost your purse, and you lost some cash, and you lost this and that and the purse's value was 400 bucks, the cash was $200, and it ended up by saying that you also lost your food stamp cards, and it seemed odd because the purse seemed like it was pretty pricey, had a lot of cash in there. Whoever wrote the story made it look like it was kind of odd you were on food stamps.

CALLER:  Well, ironically, I call it a wallet but then again if you see my purse, you would call it a purse, but it had $800 in cash in it.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  But I'd like for everyone to know, before I was a single mom I was married and had a job and my ex-husband had a job and I could afford that kind of stuff.  Now I'm a single mom and unfortunately I had no other choice but to be on welfare because, if I do get a job, they're gonna take everything away from me.  I've tried it.

RUSH:  So welfare is more financially responsible than getting a job?

CALLER:  Well, I've tried it before, and every time I do the very first thing they do is take away my insurance and my food card.  And unfortunately, I can't get a job making enough to cover the medical insurance.

RUSH:  Let me tell you something, folks, I totally believe this.  I think we have arrived at this point for a lot of people.  You're not the first person to have told this tale.  Holly, thanks for call.  I have to run.  See if she'll let us talk to her tomorrow because I want to explore this further.



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