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Chris Dorner Becomes Liberal Hero


RUSH: Christopher Dorner, the fired LA cop, is still on the loose.  If you hear that Dorner is anywhere near where you live, based on what I've heard from the left in recent weeks, the safest thing you can do is turn in your guns. That's what will make you safe.  I've heard every Democrat, I've heard the media say this, that the way we're gonna make this country safe is for everybody to get rid of their guns.  So if this Dorner guy, who's already killed three cops, shows up in your neighborhood, somehow make it known so that he finds out that you've gotten rid of your guns and he'll leave you alone. 

He's only gonna go find people that have guns and wipe them out.  If you are a good citizen and get rid of yours, why, Dorner might even write you up in his next manifesto.  Seriously.  This is what they want us to believe.  Getting rid of your guns will make you safer, and also seriously do you know what's happening? This guy is becoming a cult hero.  In every story about this guy, it's no longer mentioned in his manifesto that he is pro-lib, that he's inspired by people like Obama, inspired by left-wing media people by name, that he's out on this killing spree inspired by American leftists. 

It is stunning. 

After every mass killing in this country, the media turns over every rock trying to find any evidence whatsoever that the killer was inspired by conservatives.  Here you have a man who has admitted who his mentors are.  Here you have a man who is admitting who he's trying to please with his actions.  Christopher Dorner is admitting that he idolizes left-wingers in politics and in the media.  And it's not news.  It's no big deal.  And, in fact, what's even worse: The guy's becoming a cult hero among leftists on Twitter and Facebook.

He is gaining in popularity with people urging him on.  I am not kidding you. "Support growing for Former LA Officer Accused of Killing Spree."  Michelle Malkin has a website called Twitchy.  It's an aggregator site, essentially, where she aggregates all kinds of tweets on all kinds of people. So rather than you have to go find individual "tweeterers," she combines them.  And there's a never-ending, it seems, list of tweets from people who say, "Oh, yeah, I love this guy! He's the modern-day, real-life Django," for example. 

Oh, it is sick. It is entirely stick, but I'm telling you: It is not an insignificant number of people in this country on the left who are excited and are encouraging this guy.  So let's go to the audio sound bites.  This is... Every day it becomes more surreal.  CNN Reliable Sources, Howie Kurtz spoke with George Washington University Professor Steve Roberts who used to be a reporter for Newsweek.  He's married to Cokie Roberts, who used to be a reporter for ABC and still does commentary on their Sunday show, and they're talking about the media and Chris Dorner and to set up the segment Howard Kurtz first says this.

KURTZ:  I've been getting a lot of heat on Twitter, Steve Roberts, from conservatives who say, "This guy Dorner, he loves all these liberals..." He also likes Chris Christie, by the way. "He loves all these liberals on TV. The media is covering this up," and s-somehow tying the fact of these media personalities to this murderer's alleged rampage and saying, well, we blame conservatives. "It would be different if he liked Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin." I dunno what to make of that.

RUSH:  Howard Kurtz: "I dunno what to make of this."  Howie, come on, man. Where are you?  You don't know what to make of it?  Do you not remember Brian Ross, after the shoot up at the Colorado theater after the Batman movie? Brian Ross was trying to confirm the shooter was a Tea Party member and actually went on TV and said it might be that he's a member of the Tea Party. And you don't understand conservatives e-mailing you, saying, "How come you're not telling the truth that this guy idolizes you and people like you on the left?" (impression) "I don't understand it. I don't know what to make of this," and here's Steve Roberts trying to tell Howie Kurtz who to make of it...

ROBERTS:  Well, I thought the more interesting part of his manifesto was his analysis of the LAPD.  There is a long history of racism there.  There was an intelligence there at work!  Now, this man has obviously gone on a murderous rampage --

KURTZ:  Allegedly.

ROBERTS: -- and I'm not in any way. But there is a very serious and careful analysis of the endemic racism of the LAPD, a historical sensibility. That to me (chuckles) is worth paying attention to despite the murders.

RUSH:  My God, folks, Steve Roberts, not only is he saying the guy's got a point, he may be right, there's racism in the LAPD, and, because of that, we must pay attention to this, despite the fact the guy's on a murder spree.  He is praising Dorner's intellect.  This is exactly what they did with the Unabomber.  Remember he was a fallen liberal, he's such a smart guy.  It's like these guys in Canada that made the movie or in Washington that wrote the book on how to assassinate George W. Bush. People like Steve Roberts said, "Well, now, let's not overreact here.  This is a book of great literature, and we must, we must pay attention to this book. We must analyze this writer and his point.  It's well written," they said. 

And the movie that dramatized the assassination of Bush.  Let's not be too quick to judge.  It's a tremendous work of art here that we must endeavor to appreciate, they said.  So now you have a murdering former LA cop, and Steve Roberts is saying, "Well, wait a minute now, this guy, there's intelligence at work here. And there is racism in the LAPD, everybody knows this.  This guy's got historical sensibility. We gotta pay attention to this guy, despite the murders."  The fact that he's smart and notes that there's racism.  Look, the fact that he's black is a factor here.  I'm sorry, but what else would explain this? 

What else would explain excusing this, or if not excusing it, relegating the murder aspect of what the guy's doing to secondary status and that the primary thing we must see is his intellect and his grievance.  His grievance is real. There is racism in the LAPD, and everybody knows it. Rodney King anybody?  Everybody knows cops in Simi Valley, everybody -- this is the implied content of what Roberts is saying. There's racism. Everybody knows it, and this guy's black. He got fired, probably unjustly. Okay, so he's killing people but we gotta listen to what he's saying. That's Steve Roberts.  Ryan Lizza was on the show.  He's a New Yorker magazine correspondent for Washington, and after Roberts said what he said about Dorner having some legitimate points, Ryan Lizza and Howard Kurtz take another spin at this.

LIZZA:  I think there's a kernel of truth to the criticism you were getting on Twitter.  Sometimes the media does have a hair trigger when you find out a murder suspect has ties to, say, the Tea Party or some radical right group.

KURTZ:  And I have criticized that.

LIZZA:  And we get all over it sometimes fairly, sometimes not so much, so I can understand why there's some sensitivity on the right to this.

RUSH:  (doing impression) "I think there's a kernel of truth here to the criticism you're getting, Howie. Yeah, we sometimes do run a little bit quickly to blame the Tea Party. I think there's a kernel of truth, Howie."  Howard, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've criticized that. Yeah, yeah, can understand."  Right.  These guys blow my mind.  The hypocrisy is the least of it, and the hypocrisy's huge.  They don't see it.  They do not see that they're ignoring this guy's left-wing ties.  They're making no effort to tie this guy to being inspired by liberalism.  This guy's inspired, he wants the approval of liberals.  He's seeking their approval. 

Meanwhile, there is no relationship to conservatism in all these other crimes that are committed.  Here you have a direct tie.  They ignore it.  And when it's thrown up at, "Well, maybe there's a kernel of truth, but this guy's smart, and there is racism in the LAPD, and he's smart, and we gotta listen to what he's saying, and we gotta consider that, because he's smart, and there is racism.  The murders, well, yeah, that's not so hot, but that's not the main thing to look at the here."  Charlie Sheen, one of the actors the guy has called out, Charlie Sheen's all excited here.  This is from TMZ.

SHEEN:  Christopher Dorner, this is Charlie Sheen.  You mentioned me in your manifesto, so thank you for your kind words.  I'm urging you to call me.  Let's figure out together how to end this thing.  Call me.  I look forward to talking to you.

RUSH:  Charlie Sheen on TMZ, and I guarantee you Dorner saw it. I guarantee he watches TMZ.  Dorner probably said, "How the hell can I call you, bud?  You didn't leave your number.  How am I supposed to find you?"


RUSH:  I didn't lie to you.  You heard the audio.  Charlie Sheen said to Christopher Dorner, "Thank you for your kind words." There are two reasons that this Dorner is an acclaimed hero to people.  One, I kid you not, if you read the tweets, this guy is being supported because to some people he's fighting a race war, folks.  That's what the Django references mean.  Modern day Django come to life.  "Way to kick they ass," is a common theme. "They ass" is us, by the way.  The population at large, the establishment, the majority.  So he's waging a race war.  The Daily Caller has a piece on his support, and it's shocking.  It's entirely racist.  He's waging a race war. 

Now, Charlie Sheen, he doesn't care about any of that.  To Charlie Sheen, this guy, he's just the latest big celebrity, and Charlie Sheen is thinking, "Wow, this guy's calling me out, man. This is cool, because this guy's the big story.  This guy's big on TMZ right now. This guy's big on E! Entertainment. This guy's big everywhere, this Dorner guy."  So as far as Charlie Sheen is concerned, Dorner is calling him out.  That's a coup, man, that is big, that is more publicity.  And that's why it's attractive to Charlie Sheen.  



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