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Liberals Bored by Grammys Devoid of Nudity, Politics, Profanity

RUSH:  I got some questions in the break when I checked the e-mail. "Why haven't you talked about the Grammys? Aren't you doing your pop culture, low-information voter outreach?" Frankly, folks, I don't think that the low-information voters found the Grammys all that exciting last night.  Well, there wasn't any anti-Bush. There wasn't any anti-conservatives. There was no political rhetoric at all, no creaming of Republicans. There weren't any wardrobe malfunctions. The F-bomb didn't happen. (interruption)

Well, wait a minute.  I don't think it did.  In fact, listen to this.  I've got a piece here from the Washington Post feminist blog.  It's by a woman named Suzi Parker and her blog is called "She The People."  The headline: "With CBS Breast Ban, the Grammy Awards Take a Leap Back in Time."  I remember back in the nineties, I would read the New York Post and the New York Daily News entertainment pages, and after the Academy Awards or People's Choice Awards, the MTV Awards, all these reporters would call the ceremonies and the telecast "dull."

If there wasn't any profanity and there wasn't any nudity and if there wasn't any anti-Republican rhetoric, they'd all say, "Well, a boring show." That's what this babe is saying. "With CBS Breast Ban, the Grammy Awards Take a Leap Back in Time -- Is this country regressing instead of progressing?" she asks. "The war on women is raging, feminism is a dirty word and skimpy clothes on stars is a no-no, even in the world of rock and roll."  So Suzi Parker says the War on Women has been so successful that women are not allowed to bare their breasts on the Grammys, and because of that, it was a dull show. 

"See-through clothing that could 'possibly expose female breast nipples' is also banned. And then there's this: 'Please be sure the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible "puffy" bare skin exposure.' ...  This is the entertainment business, not high church. Without shocking costumes, you have, well, lackluster television."  So she was all upset. There wasn't any nudity, there weren't any bare breasts, there weren't any bear pubic regions.  It was a dull show.  This covering up of the female anatomy, in her mind, is part of the War on Women. 

"Most viewers," she writes, "want performers to wear outfits that they could only dream of wearing. Award shows are fantasy worlds where the average American can escape for a few hours and yak about it around the water cooler the next morning. They don't want to see a turtle neck on Alicia Keys or Lady Gaga in a Hillary Clinton pantsuit." They want to see boobs! They want to see pubes!  That's from the Washington Post blog, "She The People." 

So I figured if the glitterati think that it was a boring telecast, why talk about it here?  They thought it was boring 'cause there weren't any nipples and there weren't any pubes, just turtlenecks. There wasn't any political rhetoric. There wasn't any fantasy.  It was just about the music, just about the music and the award winners, and it was not exciting at all.  It was a dull show.  I figured this woman is probably the barometer and I figured low-information voters thought the same thing. So why talk about it?

WaPo on Fame and Kids
RUSH: RUSH:  Okay, this Washington Post story that I want to get to tomorrow is about the dangers of the attraction of fame to young people.  And as you know, that is something I have been warning about for months, if not years.  So that and whatever else.





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