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Morning Update: For the Record

No surprise that the movie “Lincoln” presents President Lincoln facing resistance to passing the Thirteenth Amendment, outlawing slavery. But in the movie, two Connecticut congressmen vote against it. The DreamWorks film, distributed by Disney, had it wrong.

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Untrue Esquire Story About SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden... WaPo Fooled by Parody Palin Story... Medal of Honor Winner Turns Down Obama Invite... University Teaches: It's Unfair to be White... Sir David Attenborough Accused of Snubbing Gay Animals... DC Ranks First in Extramarital Affairs...Many African-Americans Concerned About Obama's Focus on Immigrant Rights...

Gallup: Obama's Policies are Unpopular

RUSH: There's one thing the Republicans can take away from this Gallup poll.  Americans disagree with Obama on nearly everything by large margins.  You Republicans can stand up and voice your disagreement with Obama all day, and a majority of Americans will agree with you.  You do not need to be afraid of disagreeing with him.

Media Fears They've Created a Monster

RUSH: It's by Jackie Calmes. It's headlined "Watching Obama for Signs of Change," and it's pretty shocking coming from the New York Times... It's like the way Dr. Frankenstein felt after he created his monster.... Well, here Dr. Frankenstein is the media, and they've created this monster, Obama, and Jackie Calmes is, in part of the story, a little worried that the monster could kind of get loose and go nuts.

Why Dr. Carson Moved So Many

CARSON: Five physicians signed the Declaration of Independence and were involved in the framing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and several other things. There's absolutely no reason at all that physicians, scientists shouldn't be involved in things that affect all of us.

Regime's Fakery Will Be Exposed Eventually

RUSH: You've got an artificial, fake presidency, a fake regime. It's built on fake promises, fake results. They fixed the debt problem? That's fake! They created all these millions of jobs? That's fake! They're faking everything here. Nothing is real, and, at some point, that kind of fakery ends up being exposed and implodes on itself.

The Endless Quest for Fame

RUSH:  Those of you who listen regularly are well aware of the fact that I have called attention to what I think is a major, major problem among young people, and that's this endless quest for fame that young people have. It's not just young people, actually, but they are probably the largest group seeking fame.


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