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Untrue Esquire Story About SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden
RUSH: Yesterday Esquire came out -- and I'm glad I didn't touch this yesterday 'cause something about it, it came late in the day and my instincts said, "Don't touch this yet."  It was about the Navy SEAL that shot Osama, big, long story in Esquire written by Phil Bronstein. El Macho is his nickname. He used to be married to Sharon Stone. He used to be the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle.  And you remember this guy, for his birthday she got him a trip, a private trip to some wild animal exhibit at the San Diego zoo, and one of these wild animals promptly bit his foot nearly off, El Macho. 

Anyway, El Macho did this piece on this Navy SEAL, who, the guy that pulled the trigger on bin Laden got nothing. As soon as he gets out, no health care, no pension, no nothing.  Long story.  And it turns out to be untrue.  The question now is did Bronstein get it wrong or did he just make it up because it sounded like a good story, but it's not true.  Military people get out of the military, they're covered.  They're not simply discarded and forgotten.  Yet Esquire runs this story, everybody bought it, everybody believed it.

WaPo Fooled by Parody Palin Story
RUSH: And then Sarah Palin.  A parody website put out a story that Sarah Palin had been hired by Al Jazeera, and there were quotes from Sarah Palin about how excited she was to go to Al Jazeera because she'd figured out that Al Jazeera is not liberally biased.  And some blogger at the Washington Post, Suzi Parker, runs this story making fun of Palin. It was a total parody, just totally bought it.  I mean, you don't know what's true anymore. 

And then, of course, there was the fake news that came out of the Newtown, Connecticut, town hall meeting where the media literally made up the fact that there was heckling going on.  Second Amendment types were heckling parents of children that got killed at Newtown.  It never happened. It was totally made up, and that story went on for days, and it was repeated all over the Drive-By Media.  I mean, journalistic malpractice is everywhere. 

Now, on the Palin story. This woman, Suzi Parker, this so-called journalist at the Washington Post, she corrected her story, by the way, as Michelle Malkin writes. She corrected her story by manufacturing an entirely new hit piece, sneering at Palin for trying to remain relevant, when Palin wasn't even in the news.  It was a totally made-up story.  It was a parody story on Palin joining Al Jazeera.  So Suzi Parker runs with it as though it's for real.  Suzi Parker by the way, we talked about it yesterday, she is the woman we cited about how the ban on nudity at the Grammys was anti-feminist and led to a boring show.  She was the woman complaining about no nipples.

She wanted nudity.  She wanted full frontal nudity on the Grammys and the fact that CBS said there wasn't gonna be any was anti-female.  It was anti-feminist.  The mainstream media doesn't know about anything, so they will fall for anything.  And in the case of Sarah Palin, the narrative, the template, is she's an idiot. They want to believe she does stupid stuff. So when somebody comes along with a parody, it has to be true.  It's a great institution that is being destroyed right before our eyes.  They are letting people into this business who are no more qualified than Elmer Fudd to be journalists.  They're being ill-educated, maleducated.

Medal of Honor Winner Turns Down Obama Invite
RUSH: From TheHill.com: "Former Army staff sergeant Clint Romesha, who was awarded the Medal of Honor at the White House on Monday, has declined the first lady's invitation to sit in her box on Tuesday night during the [Misstatement] of the Union address. Clint Romesha told CNN he will watch the speech with friends from his former unit and his wife. 'I've done some soul searching,' he said. 'As much as a great honor it would be to be a guest of the first lady, it's also kind of hard to break away from the friends and the family and all the great guys here.'" So this Medal of Honor winner is saying: No mas. No mas.

University Teaches: It's Unfair to be White
RUSH: I have a story from the website Campus Reform:  "The University of Wisconsin -- Superior (UWS) is sponsoring a campaign that teaches students it is 'unfair' to be white, a university spokesperson confirmed to Campus Reform last Wednesday.  The controversial project, named the 'Unfair Campaign,' exists to teach students that 'systems and institutions are set up for us [whites]' and as such are 'unfair.' The campaign’s slogan, as it appears on its official website, is 'it’s hard to see racism when you’re White.'"

But here we have essentially a university teaching students how unfair it is to be white.  Well, that's how you get to a bunch of white liberals thinking that Chris Dorner, the murdering ex-cop in LA, is some kind of vigilante hero.  He's only getting even with a bunch of evil old white people that have been running around running the show for all these years. It's unfair to be white.  It's unfair.  They gotta be gotten even with.  The playing field has to be leveled.

"The project disseminates its controversial message through an aggressive campaign of online videos, billboards, and lectures.  Posters produced by the group feature a number of Caucasians with slogans like 'is white skin really a fair skin?' sharpied on their faces."
They have a picture of one of those posters right here, too small for you to see on the Dittocam.  "The campaign was initially sponsored by the University of Minnesota -- Duluth (UMD), but the school dropped their partnership and labeled the campaign 'divisive' and 'alienating' after a Campus Reform investigation brought unwanted national attention to the school."

If they hadn't been discovered doing it, they woulda kept on.  "Lynn Williams, a spokeswoman for UWS, told Campus on Wednesday UWS does not 'exactly' share UMD’s concerns.  The school is using the campaign as an 'opportunity on our campus to talk about all privilege and to create conversation,' she told Campus Reform."  It's unfair to be white.  White people have an unfair advantage, and white people are being taught this.  Well, all students are being taught this, but this kind of stuff never gets countered.  Well, you know, people aren't gonna believe that, just absurd, it's ridiculous, nobody's gonna ever gonna believe it.

Sir David Attenborough Accused of Snubbing Gay Animals
RUSH: Sir David Attenborough.  Do you know who this guy is?  Don't confuse him with the historian, Richard Attenborough.  Richard Attenborough writes great, great history books on American Founding Fathers.  Don't confuse him.  He may be related. 

"Sir David Attenborough accused of ‘ignoring gay animals' in BBC documentaries. Dr. Brett Mills, head of media studies at the University of East Anglia," where the manmade global warming hoax, its epicenter.  "Dr. Brett Mills, head of media studies at the UK’s University of East Anglia, said that while he doubts Sir David was deliberately ignoring homosexuality in the animal kingdom, he has nevertheless identified three shows that perpetuate the  fallacy that animal relationships are predominantly heterosexual. Dr. Mills says wildlife documentaries have a responsibility to show viewers a wider perspective on animal sexuality."

There's all kinds of homosexuality in the wild kingdom, and this guy is not touching on it, and so it's irresponsible.  "Attenborough’s shows push forward the idea that the 'survival' of the species depends on 'traditional' family units with biological blood-ties  and a traditional number of parents."  And they don't like that.  They don't like the fact that survival of the species is based on heterosexuality.  But, see, this is the problem.  That's discriminatory.  You're leaving out the gay animals and their contribution to the survival of the species. 

DC Ranks First in Extramarital Affairs
RUSH: Cybercast News Service is reporting, "According to AshleyMadison.com..." Do you know what AshleyMadison.com is? It is a dating site for married people. It's exactly what it is. It's a dating site for married people. If you're married but you want to find somebody to date, to have an affair with, they will put you together with somebody, and so they are in a position to know who is behaving as such. "According to AshleyMadison.com, a website that bills itself as 'the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters,' the nation's capital was at the top of the list of America's Least Faithful Cities..."

That means that DC ranked first in extramarital affairs, and this website, AshleyMadison.com, says that Washington had "34,157 sign-ups," on their website, "more sign-ups per capita in 2012." So 34,000 people in Washington signed up at AshleyMadison.com which is a dating site for the married. "The nation's capital also has the highest percentage of married men over the age of 50 seeking affairs." I mean, that's what that website is. If you're married and you want to have an affair, you sign up, and I guess you find out who's available. (interruption)

Snerdley is there. (chuckling) Snerdley's already logging on. It normally takes Snerdley two hours to research a simple question for me. He's already at the AshleyMadison.com website. (interruption) Oh, he said he had to see it to believe it. Even though I'm the one telling him, he still had to see it. It's a website for the married who want to play around, and based on the number... (interruption) What is the slogan? "Life is short. Have an affair" is the slogan at AshleyMadison.com. Again, if you're married and you want to have an affair that's the website you go to pair up, and there are more people in Washington than anywhere else. It's a nationwide website.

More people in Washington sign up there than any other city.

It's fascinating. It really is fascinating.

Many African-Americans Concerned About Obama's Focus on Immigrant Rights

RUSH: Now, let's see. We had Reginald from Atlanta, and Reginald was another in a significant number of African-Americans who have called here over the years embarrassed that so many blacks vote Obama and vote for the Democrat Party. I pointed out that unemployment for both women and African-Americans is higher today than it was when Obama took office in 2009. That's federal government data, by the way. It's not anybody analyzing it. It is actual federal government data. In addition, McClatchy News has a story: "Many African-Americans Concerned About Obama's Focus on Immigrant Rights."

You know, this is a story that is underreported, and it's underreported for a reason, because race is the primary component in the media bias. Given that Obama's a liberal Democrat, given that, add to it that he is black, and that's the primary component of their bias. Don't doubt me on this. What this story is about is a number of African-American groups who are publicly expressing concern about Obama's focus on amnesty. Now, why do you think that is? (interruption) Well, no. Well, partially because they're unemployed.

But it's all about competition to be the number one beneficiary of government benefits. It's about being the top dog minority, and what these African-American groups are upset about is Obama's gonna go out and focus on the illegals. By definition, they're gonna not have jobs and they're need benefits, and these African-American groups are getting jealous. Obama's gonna be more focused on the needs of Hispanics and Latinos than he is blacks. They're getting nervous. They're concerned about his focus on immigrant rights. They might be forgotten, or not forgotten, but they might be relegated to "secondary status," if you will.

And that's happened before, too. That is actually not a new story.


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