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Morning Update: Breakdown

On Monday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel complained, “The only time when the gun issue gets affected is when Newtown happens. What happens in urban areas around the country too often gets put to the side. These are our kids; these are our children,” he said.

Obama Stands Between the American People and the Powerful, Evil Forces Working Against Them

RUSH: He's running against the powerful forces trying to stop him from fixing these problems.  He's not governing.  And that's how he is able to create and maintain the illusion that he has no relationship whatsoever to what actually happens.  Unemployment -- nothing to do with him, even after five years.  National debt, deficit -- nothing to do with him. 

Don't Ask Questions About This Woman

RUSH: As far as anybody watching the State of the Union Show last night was concerned, someone in this polling place in North Miami didn't want this poor woman to vote. But she hung in there. She hung in there! She fought for what she knew was right. She was fighting against these same forces Obama's fighting against, forces that would deny her the right for her voice to be heard. 


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