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Pearls of Wisdom

"There's no area where the Republicans and Obama agree.  There really isn't.  So this mythical desire for bipartisanship is just that, it's a pipe dream." 

"Obama is constantly seen as in competition with what's happening in Washington. Obama is not seen as the guy behind the curtains pulling the levers."

"If you listen to these people on Twitter and Facebook, they think Dorner's a modern day Django running around wiping out white people to get even for slavery, racism, bigotry and discrimination in the LAPD, and he's not.  I mean, he killed a black guy. He killed an Asian."

"Obama is not at all connected to the tragic destruction of this country.  He is seen as somebody who wants to fix it.  It's the same thing as people seeing Colonel Sanders as a guy running a hospital to save chickens."

"Obama is not seen as the guy who does not like the way the country was founded and is trying to take this country in a different direction. He's not seen at all in the way he really is.  It can't all be because of the media."

"Obama cannot ever be seen to agree or compromise with the Republicans, unless it is seen as a total capitulation by the Republicans.  If the Republicans are willing to cave, then they'll call that bipartisanship, gladly and happily."

"Obama is constantly fighting the evil forces, and therefore he can never agree or strike a deal with 'em because then he would share responsibility for what happens.  After eight years, he is gonna end up being held responsible for nothing that happens in this country.  That's the objective."

"Compromising your beliefs so that people won't laugh at you and make fun of you, that's the easiest route."

"I talk to these low-information people.  They think they understand everything.  They think they know it all.  They think I'm the one that doesn't know what's really going on.  In fact, I am part of the problem, because, A, I'm a conservative, and, B, they think I've been this wildly successful guy that doesn't understand what life is like for them."

"Just like the wealthy are outnumbered by the middle class, high-information voters are vastly outnumbered by low-information voters.  And the low-information voters don't even think they are low-information voters."

"Obama's agenda doesn't have anything to do with the country's direction. As far as the low-information voter is concerned, they're two separate things."
"This 'recovery' that we're in is worse than Bush's recession, and this 'recovery' that we're in has lasted far longer than Bush's recession."
"The media will go out there and they won't believe a thing Marco Rubio says or George Bush says. They won't accept anything the public information officer from the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office says. But whatever Obama says is gospel."
"How can you credit Obamacare for slowing health care costs when it's yet to be enacted? What is slowing health care costs, to the extent that they're slowing down, is the recession -- and that's even debatable."
"Christopher Dorner's a smart guy, and he's got an intellect, and therefore we have to endeavor to understand why he's mad.  Now they Krispy Kreme'd the guy!  The LAPD did it.  How unfair, how mean-spirited, how horrible!"
"Do you know there's already a conspiracy developing about Chris Dorner's death? They say the wicked, racist LAPD burned him up for no reason."
"For five years, Obama has never once allowed himself to be seen as governing. He is constantly campaigning against mysterious forces who have ill intentions and are trying to harm you and this great country."
"Throughout history, dictators have never really been blamed for the bad things that happened in their countries.  Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, none of them were blamed by the rank-and-file citizenry. They were, instead, the leaders of the revolution."
"No matter what is said, no matter what evidence happens, no matter what's reported, it will not be possible to connect Obama to the negativity that's happening in the country today because he's campaigning against it himself. This is what you and I are gonna have to learn and learn fast."
"We've been beating our heads up against the wall trying to understand why it is that people do not associate the decline in the country with the president of the United States, when every president heretofore has either gotten the blame or the credit when the economy goes down or up."
"The objective here is to have an informed public. The whole point of this program has been that. The operating theory of the program has been that an informed public, voting every four years or every two years, will bring about the best possible governance and the best possible culture/society that the country can have."
"A lot of people voted for Obama in 2008 because it made them feel good about themselves.  Those people, when they voted for Obama, said, 'I am not a racist, and nobody can ever say I am!'"
"Until last night, honestly, I didn't know we had a voting problem in this country.  I mean, in this sense, I didn't know that it was that hard to vote in America."
"I don't care if it's a State of the Union or whatever it is. I think that slot responding to a presidential speech is one of the lowest payoff slots that there is in politics."
"So Rubio reached for the bottle of water to take a drink and they're making fun of the guy all day and laughing.  He's handling it very well, by the way.  He tweeted a bottle of water last night.  He did television interviews all day with a bottle of water."
"Obama never wants to get involved when there's the slightest chance that he could be held responsible."


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