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Anti-Israel Hagel Video Surfaces?
RUSH: Chuck Hagel. This is amazing. Somebody has come up with a... I guess they're waiting for it to be released. Somebody apparently has a video of Chuck Hagel making a speech to some supporters back in 2007, 2008, where he essentially said that Israel runs the US State Department. Now, Hagel... You know, you go back to the earlier 2000s, and Hagel was one of the most brilliant Republicans around if you listened to the media.

He was John McCain's best bud. McCain, in his 2000 campaign, had even promised to make Hagel the secretary of defense, and then they had a falling out because Hagel endorsed Obama over McCain in 2008. So now McCain's totally down on Hagel, and they're going through the motions of whether or not they're gonna filibuster this nomination and the vote on Hagel to be secretary of defense.

Now somebody says they've got video. His anti-Israeli attitude, position, is well documented. But if this is true, if somebody actually does have either audio or video of Hagel saying that the US State Department was run by Israel... It's been assumed that his confirmation's a fait accompli. But every day more and more pops up to make that look doubtful.

CNN to Cover Floating Sewer Arrival Live.
RUSH: Now, the poor Carnival Cruise Line. They've got the cruise ship out there that's lost all power. Apparently it is a floating sewer. It's a floating pigsty. I'm sorry, I just can't help it. The media is focusing on this ship. They've actually been focused on it for the last three days as it has been drifting aimlessly out there in the Gulf of Mexico. But now it's got a tow. They're towing the thing and it's heading to Alabama.

CNN is gonna anchor the arrival of the sewer, the floating sewer live tonight. Erin Burnett at seven o'clock will actually anchor the arrival of this floating sewer. It's like this thing is returning from a great war with a bunch of wounded soldiers, except we don't treat wounded soldiers with this much respect. Now, why is the media obsessed with this? Okay, this is a cruise ship, and it's lost power and we're hearing really, really gross accounts from some of the passengers about conditions on board this ship.

I don't feel comfortable repeating some of it, like sewage actually running down the walls of people's cabins. It's really gross stuff. The media is obsessed with this. Now, it has some ingredients that would qualify for media obsession. Suffering. You've got suffering in the midst of plenty: A cruise ship. You have suffering in the midst of opulence. It's a cruise ship. It's a vessel made by the private sector. It's a vessel that operates in the private sector.

It's a vessel that operates for profit, and it's become a floating sewer. As such, it does represent, whether you agree with me or not... I hope you've learned by now never really to disagree with me. But it's an opportunity for the media to make subtle, read-between-the-lines digs at the unfairness and lack of concern by corporate CEOs and owners and profiteers. "They don't care that their ship's a floating pigsty!"

Have you heard what they've offered the passengers? They have offered... (interruption) Did they offer the refund? (interruption) Okay, hang on. (interruption) Calm down in there. It's not worth an adrenaline rush. They have offered a refund and a 15% discount on the next trip. Of course, this is insulting to people like CNN and others who think that the cruise ship company ought to donate the ship to the passengers because of this... (interruption)

No, I'm not defending Carnival. I'm not defending anybody. I'm just trying to perform a service here, a little moderate amount of education as to why a floating, out-of-commission cruise ship makes the media so happy. They're ecstatic with this! They're ecstatic with the suffering. They're ecstatic with all this because it offers them an opportunity to blame somebody, to blame capitalism, to blame the private sector. (interruption)

What's wrong with the offer? (interruption) What, the refund and 15% discount? I'm not commenting on the offer. I'm just telling you what it is. If I ran the cruise ship, I will say it'd be more than a 15% discount. I'd give everybody a comp trip. After refunding, I'd comp 'em. If I ran the cruise ship, I would comp 'em. I would eat the profit on this trip. I would comp the people on board, and then I'd thank God that they trusted me to go on another one of my ships after this.

But that's just me. I don't run this outfit, but if I did, I would comp 'em. I'd refund them and I'd comp 'em on a trip on a whatever they wanted to go, on whatever ship, within the next say two or three years. And if they accepted, I would thank God that I had a chance to get 'em back as customers. But that's just me. And if they did that, then they'd confound the media and everything, but they're not.

Angelo Tsakopoulos Says Bill Confirms Hillary Will Run in '16
RUSH: Angelo Tsakopoulos said that he was talking to Bill Clinton and Bill Clinton told him that Hillary is going to run for the presidency in 2016. The name of the Greek newspaper is The Greek Reporter. This happened at a private banquet in California last weekend, and Tsakopoulos said, "Hillary will be our next president and she'll be a great one. I talked to her husband, and he confirmed it. She will run."

You know, it's a shame that Christopher Dorner didn't get this news before he was killed, assuming he's dead, because Dorner wrote about how much he wanted Hillary to be the next president. If he had been able to hear this story, if he could have been assured that she was going to run, who knows? He might nota pulled the trigger as often. Oh, and speaking of the OJ guy, on guy's kill list was Mark Fuhrman.

Anyway I happen to know Angelo Tsakopoulos. This is the long-version, circuitous route I'm taking to tell you this story. I met Angelo Tsakopoulos when I was in Sacramento from 1984 to '87, and he's just the nicest man in the world. He's the epitome of a solid citizen. My politics didn't matter to him in terms of friendship. Angelo Tsakopoulos, in fact, is the guy who introduced me to vintage Bordeaux.

I used to laugh at wine snobs as they talked about wine and the bouquet and the aroma and the whatever else and all that. One night we happened to be at dinner and he ordered this bottle. I forget what. I don't even remember what it was, but I think it was a vintage Bordeaux. Actually, I think it was a 1961 Petrus, if I'm not mistaken. But anyway, it was my first real taste of vintage wine.

It was that night that I finally understood what the big hullabaloo was and why people liked it. But he's been a full-fledged Democrat all of his life he's never gonna be anything other than that. He's totally in the tank for the Clintons. My point is that if he's saying this, he was told this. He wouldn't be making it up out of whole cloth. He doesn't try and stir things up, and he doesn't try to get himself in the public eye.

He doesn't have to. He's a very prominent, well known, and loved and adored out in Sacramento, Northern California -- and if he says that Bill Clinton told him Hillary's gonna run, then it happened. The only thing is, is anybody surprised? We all know Hillary's gonna run. It was supposed to be hers in 2008. We've been through that. You all know what happened.

NBC's "Deception" Bashes Bill Clinton
RUSH: Oh, I have to tell you this. Folks, Kathryn and I are watching a new show on NBC called Deception. It runs on Monday night. It's about this scandal-ridden, totally morally decrepit and depraved, wealthy-as-hell family who made their money in pharmaceuticals. This family is trying to bring to market a new drug that kills its customers! It's a drug that would eliminate the need for chemotherapy in cancer treatment, but in testing it killed 27 out of whatever the test group was, a hundred people, a thousand people.

They're trying to cover it up, naturally, because they want to put a drug on the market that kills people! That's how you make money in the pharmaceutical business, if you listen to the left. You create a product that kills people. So one of the family members died in the opening episode, and they don't know whether she was murdered or whether she OD'd on heroin. But the reason it's a curiosity is because she knew that the family was killing its customers in the testing of the new drug.

It is thought that she was going to go public and turn in the company and her family, her father, who runs the damn thing, and it was gonna be a bloodbath. So she turns up dead. And so the mystery is, "Who killed her or did she die on her own and blah, blah, blah?" Well, one of the side stories is that this character who passed away in her twenties, opening episode, had a daughter. Maybe she's in her thirties.

She had a daughter -- has a daughter -- and everybody thinks that the daughter is not hers. The family's made the daughter think that she is actually the daughter of the husband's second wife, but she's really the daughter of the dead (either murdered or OD'd) other daughter. Well, in the last episode, two episodes ago, this young girl -- in the show she's in high school. In fact she's a debutante.

She just had her coming-out at the Debutante Ball in Manhattan. In Page Six (or its equivalent), she discovered that she was not the daughter of her father and stepmother but in fact the daughter of the dead sister. She learns this while she's on the dance floor in her coming out party. She, of course, flees and leaves with a motorcycle guy who's the absolute anathema what this family would want her hanging around with.

So they motorcycle away to a hideaway and she's all distraught because now she thought she knew who her father was. She thought she knew who her mother was. She's totally distraught. She's talking to this biker guy, who's a good-looking dude. He's not your average, Hell's Angels-looking biker guy. But he's obviously, you know, human debris. He's a reprobate except the way he looks. She's all distraught, and she says, "Gosh, do you know who my father is?

"Could it be Bill Clinton? Hell, he was screwing everybody about the time this happened." She names a couple of others and I thought, "That's hilarious. So here's Bill Clinton, Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton the president, having jokes made of him on an NBC primetime show about having illegitimate kids." Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that story, the fact that even on NBC they make fun of Clinton in that regard.

"Entertainment Tonight" Does Hit Piece on Pope
RUSH: Do you know, folks, Entertainment Tonight -- I have the story somewhere here in the stack, and I'll get to it. Entertainment Tonight did a total hit piece on Pope Benedict XVI one night this week. Entertainment Tonight, proving my point about these entertainment shows for low-information voters, making sure that a political point of view is either there subtly or in your face.


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